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Strangers call you pretty,

“Oh you look like your mother”,

But she’s face down in the hallway,

The gin and pills – a toxic mix, 100 more words


Welcome award winning children's mystery author Renee Hand

Today we have Renee Hand, a multi-award-winning mystery children’s author with us.  Renee has created an interactive mystery series known as the Crypto-Capers Series that encourages children to read by incorporating several topics of interest. 804 more words


Creating Memorable Characters: Part 2

Now it’s time to create a playmate for your main character – someone they can bounce off, creating conflict, tension and a fertile ground for growing stories.

297 more words
Writing Prompt

What Makes a Brilliant Horror Novel?

In the spirit of Halloween, I’m dedicating a week to the Horror genre.

We’ve all read a book or seen a movie that makes us shiver in our boots or jump at the sound of the smallest creak in our house, but what is it about them that makes us feel that way? 492 more words


Drawing of Passengers at The London Underground

Sketchbook Drawing of Passengers at The London Underground

On my journey to university, I saw two interesting characters that caught my attention. Sitting opposite to me, was a young boy leaning on his father, he look very bored. 174 more words


Tuning More Faces - 2

Could you name most important aspect of the game? Is it raids? Quests? Battlegrounds? Professions? Pet battles?

Actually all these things are just salt and pepper to the most important aspect of the game – YOUR CHARACTER. 369 more words


Wandering Falcon - Anime Review: xXxHolic, Spirited Addiction

Hello again ghosts in fleshy shells, how goes the great affliction? Are your minds spirited? Are your souls infected? October is descending rapidly to its all hallowed eve, I have delved once more upon my addiction and as such you shall be drawn in to. 1,113 more words

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