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Hagrid (from Harry Potter) - Apprentice (6 steps)

Doodly:  Hagrid (from Harry Potter)
Artist/Portfolio: Activity Village UK
Location: United Kingdom
Level: Apprentice

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His Robot Girlfriend: Charity (Notes)

Like most writers, I put some of myself in just about every character.  You can’t help it really, can you?  In the original His Robot Girlfriend, the character of Mike really was me– about five years older than me, when I wrote it.   234 more words


Writing prompts: Unspoken

Some things are better left unsaid is a saying, right? It could mean that some things we are better off not knowing, but in this case I’ll take it that showing can be better than telling. 437 more words


by Beth Wareham

This title is utter nonsense aimed at “I need to write another blog list.” There are no rules of organization in writing. 264 more words


Diverse Worldbuilding with Minor Characters

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m writing again after several months of research paper stuff, and I keep getting distracted by minor characters. However, this is really a feature, not a bug! 705 more words


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

Oskar Shell is an incredibly intelligent and emotionally sensitive nine year old boy. Oskar describes himself as an inventor, jewelry designer, amateur entomologist, Francophile, vegan, origamist, and many other things that he printed onto a business card. 183 more words


Traits of a Solid Main Character

While stereotypes of main characters should be avoided, some traits are recurring and important to have to ground your reader and help them instantly connect with the voice of your story. 365 more words