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Visual Vocabulary 6

Elements of Design- Value (volume, space, emotion)

Non Time Based

"Disney's Dream Debased"

I’m fairly sure I’ve used this Fall song as a title before, but if it fits…


Gap Year Productivity

Gap years are probably the smartest choice most folks can make for themselves.  There’s nothing like taking a good chunk of time to reprioritise and centre yourself before making life-defining decisions.   107 more words


Galata Tower

Buildings may not move, but a city like Istanbul is in constant flux. This 30 min sketch captures a morning view of Galata Tower, with the Turkish flags highlighted from across the city. 69 more words


The Direct Approach!

“It was over at the back so I moved it underneath. It looks better when they hang together!” This was the opening conversation I had with Petra a few weeks ago, commenting after we won awards at the Sutton Coldfield Art Society Exhibition. 138 more words