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Work in progress!

This is what im working on at the moment and i’m coming up to about half way. The sniper scene from Leon: The Professional which is one of my all time favorite films and scenes. 17 more words

My Favorite Thing About Summer

As the summer months speed rapidly toward their inevitable end, I begin to grow more and more excited as I anticipate the cooler days, the amazing colors, and of course the food. 523 more words


Soft Pastels and Tinted Charcoal by Angela Pierce


100 Days of Me (Days 1&2)

The college year has begun and already I have so many very exciting project to do. One of my favourites (I think….) is the 100 Days of Me sketchbook. 128 more words



Soft Pastels and Tinted Charcoal by Angela Pierce


Maybe Your Great Great Grandmother Was One

This is where the idea is at so far:

Two women have been lovingly bound in stocks.  Perhaps they bound themselves. On the left, her bones are showing to suggest that this is her foundation.   277 more words

Kristy Jane From-Brown

Open Session: ...Figure ..."Emily"

New model last night at Yuri’s. Beautiful, young Colombian woman. She wore a leopard jacket over black skirt. Wasn’t sure she could attend again next week, so decided to draw. 54 more words

Tom Donovan Art