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From The Mother Of A Child With Special Needs: Normal Is A Setting On The Dryer

Tonight, I was going through some pictures of my son’s Make A Wish trip to Disneyworld and found this: 

I showed my daughter, and she still remembered this moment, years later. 712 more words


Slowdive, Braxton Hicks and 38 Weeks

I am thrilled to say that I recently discovered Rachel Goswell’s blog in which she writes about her adventures of being a mom to an adorable little boy with Charge Syndrome, living in Devon, gardening and raising chickens. 293 more words

There Should Be Free Water Shoes Included (Warning: Explicit Poop Language Used)

Yes, I said it-when you elect to get an appendicostomy for your child, you should get free water shoes. I would have given anything for water shoes today. 523 more words


Sub-structure started

This week the block work has started and the underfloor drainage pipes laid.
We continue to be impressed with the site management and professional approach of ProMay Construction (Midlands) Ltd. 74 more words


I joked with my surgeon that I was going to create a blog for parents who were considering the appendicostomy, so they would know how it really worked….. 672 more words


For the Love of Poop

Since this is my first blog on the art of pooping, I’d like to welcome you.

At this point, you are either frantically looking for the ‘back’ button, hesitantly reading on with disgusted but fascinated curiosity, or you are relieved to have found someone else who understands the Code Brown Horror you have been living. 113 more words