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Airport - Valet charging service

For a few weeks now, I’ve been thinking of using the charge stations at the airport when I travel. In the past, I tried to find them, but never did. 147 more words

A good multi-device charging dock: Hallelujah!

Eventually, I just decided that three phones, a tablet, and all the associated charging accessories was more than I wanted to look at, snaking out from the electrical sockets, across the kitchen counter. 703 more words


The best sign that the times, they are a-changing

I was wandering around an airport yesterday, waiting for my flight, when I came across this new type of vending machine:

What does it sell? It sells electricity. 355 more words

The home EV charger arrives

We are now fully independent EV drivers with our own home charger. Our Rolec Wallpod was installed yesterday by Rolec’s local installer, the Little Green Energy Company… 342 more words

Programmable Lithium Charger Shield for Arduino

Surely you need yet another way to charge your lithium batteries—perhaps you can sate your desperation with this programmable multi (or single) cell lithium charger shield for the Arduino… 146 more words

Arduino Hacks

The Morning Dump - Nov 19th

Starbucks launches wireless charging mats. The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

Time to Check the Connection

The other day in the car, I noticed my phone wasn’t fully charging. An alert appeared saying that the charge was slow. I checked my phone, and the charger was plugged all the way in to the car and the portal on my phone. 141 more words