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I have not posted anything in awhile…. SO, here goes nothing! It is 2:30 AM(roughly) and I cannot sleep. Not a world stopping, crisis challenging situation, but none the less irritating for me.  874 more words

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The Most Giving States Share One Thing in Common and It’s Revealed in This Simple Map

The Washington Post made the results of a survey of charitable giving clear: red states give more than blue states to charity, and it’s because of religion. 250 more words

Estate Planning

AMT Alert!

Attention: If you pay the alternative minimum tax, or AMT, you are not getting a tax deduction for the taxes you pay to the state of Missouri! 126 more words

Give Until it Hurts, Somebody: Weird Charities

This past week I went to a big company meeting for my job. My company donates generously to Save the Children and gives us the opportunity to help through payroll deductions and raffles at our meetings. 447 more words

The Phil Factor

Important Change to Tax Credit Allotments.

On September 10th, the Missouri Legislature overrode the veto by the Governor and passed a bill which increases the cap on tax credits for contributions made to maternity homes, pregnancy resource centers, and local food pantries. 34 more words


Join us in supporting The Angel Band Project at the first ever Virtual Choir event!

The Angel Band Project is a nonprofit organization that began as a benefit album in 2009, after a woman named Teresa Butz was attacked and murdered in her home. 250 more words


Charitable Organizations Do Good Work Around the World

The purpose of charitable organizations, generally, is to work for the betterment of society and reach out to people in need – whether that need is financial, medical or otherwise. 272 more words

Charitable Organizations