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Rebecca Mitalski: Animal Shelters Need Your Help

Animal overpopulation, abuse and neglect continue to major problems throughout the United States. Local animal shelters and organizations seek to be a source of support and relief for animals suffering from malnutrition, neglect, abuse or otherwise, as Rebecca Mitalski knows, and rely on the support and generosity of people throughout their communities to function properly and effectively. 213 more words

Rebecca Mitalski

The Mordecai Project - Reaching Out to Women

And Mordecai had brought up Hadassah, that is, Esther, his uncle’s daughter, for she had neither father nor mother. The young woman was lovely and beautiful. 492 more words

My Thoughts on the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge

If they’re not doing it, they’re busy talking about it.

You know what I’m referring to: the overwhelmingly popular ice-bucket challenge, intended to raise awareness and funding for ALS research. 617 more words


The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a Bully

So I started researching the charities that Greg and I had been supporting after reading an article about the United Way…. which btw, we don’t support …. 310 more words


Runway Games and ISM Services Take the Ice Bucket Challenge - But What About ALS?

This summer has been the summer of ice, buckets, and wasting water. If you’ve touched any form of media, particularly social media, you will have seen something about the ALS ice bucket challenge. 340 more words


Spin the Ice Bucket

To a certain extent, I embrace the enthusiasm around the ice bucket challenge, which is the current strategy for raising money for ALS research. Last night I was challenged by a close, charitable friend who gives back in so many ways, and at first I felt compelled to follow through with it. 709 more words