Yesterday When I Was Young/Rough Version


My fascination with the relatively unfashionable Charles Aznavour continues. Not forgetting Dusty Springfield, who took a swing at this in the late 60’s. This needs to have the acoustic guitar replaced and possibly more, but I had fun playing the electric guitar…

Martin Colyer

Candy (1968)

Candy is a naive, doe-eyed school girl with long blond hair and a luscious, tempting body who fell from the sky….

… and that’s all you need to know before going on to watch in bewildered amusement – and amazement – as Candy embarks on a journey of discovery, meets strange people, is unwittingly(?) seduced into sexy encounters by cunning men who manipulate her using all kinds of tricks; to which Candy succumbs because she is a nice girl and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. 523 more words

Film & TV

Sunday Sleep In ~ "La Boheme" ~ Javier Elorrieta Quintet.

Madrid, Spain born film director & composer Javier Elorrieta stepped out of cinema and slipped into his other passion, singing. Hooking up with four jazz musicians they all put out a great rendition of the 1965 French Classic, La Boheme. 84 more words


Charles Aznavour - Renowned French Composer and Singer

Among his diverse interests, Peter Bergstein enjoys music. Peter Bergstein is passionate about the American vocal group The Eagles and the long-time French singer, actor, and songwriter Charles Aznavour. 269 more words

Peter Bergstein

Cine Files: Two by Truffaut, Wednesday at the Cinémathèque

Wednesday night, (Nov. 12, 2014)the Cinémathèque Québecoise will present Les quatre cents coups (The 400 Blows) from 1959, and Tirez sur Le Pianiste (Shoot the Piano Player) from 1960. 898 more words

Local Arts

Those were the days

‘She’s well preserved for forty, said this twenty year old child on  the train. I cringed in the seat across the aisle from hers and tried to make myself as small a target as possible; a granny who’s crocheting granny squares, trying to be inconspicuous.    464 more words