Theatre Review: What Makes a Man parcels out the words and music of Charles Aznavour — which sounds more promising than it is

It seems that hardly a show can open in Toronto that isn’t a tribute to some troubadour or other. In the past few weeks we’ve had Sarah-Louise Young celebrating Julie Andrews and Raoul Bhaneja celebrating Raoul Bhaneja. 1,003 more words


La Bohéme

Você Sabia?…

Que Charles Aznavour é conhecido como “O Frank Sinatra francês”?

Que Charles Aznavour estrou nos palcos aos 9 anos de idade?

Que Charles Aznavour passou os 25 anos seguintes em dificuldades, trabalhando inclusive como motorista de Edith Piaf? 30 more words


Yesterday, When I Was Young - Charles Aznavour (1964)

“Hier Encore”, whose original French title translates as “Only Yesterday”, is a song written by Charles Aznavour and released in September 1964.
It was subsequently released in English as “Yesterday, When I Was Young. 579 more words

PROGRAMA #23: El pop de Francia

Lo bueno de una ciudad como París no es la foto en la torre Eiffel, el Louvre, el arco del triunfo, las baguettes, los bistrot con sillas que miran a la calle o los vinos. 271 more words