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Pastor Jose Galvan's paintings

“I found El Pastor when I was looking for a raped beauty queen. I expected him to be an evangelical fraud and that the asylum he kept in the desert outside Juarez was simply a ploy used in his fundraising. 133 more words

Ciudad Juárez

Magic Realism of the Border

My book Behind the Great Wall argued that for Franz Kafka the Great Wall of China formed a metaphor for the boundary between Conscious and Unconscious. 400 more words

Developmental Theory

God's Middle Finger, Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre

Richard Grant
Free Press, 2008

For a certain sort of adventuring gringo Mexico has a hypnotic effect. He can be told a hundred times that Mexico is dangerous in its remote mountains, pressing, airless jungles, and haunting deserts, but that only quickens the heart and sends the gringo further into a suspension of time to experience the magical and horrific. 443 more words

Rebecca Guevara