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Charles Darwin vs. Thomas Aquinas: What Follows from Our Nature?

At his blog recently, Thomist philosopher Edward Feser wrote the following: “For Aquinas, what is good for us is necessarily good for us because it follows from our nature. 987 more words

The Eternal City

The volume is bound in red goatskin, with gold tooling and handsewn endbands. Page vii of the front matter depicts the author, an employee of the Roman Rotary Club, in an engraving. 566 more words

Brain In A Vat

Charles Darwin Has Much to Teach Us About War

W.J. Astore.  Also at Huff Post.

America’s thinking about military action is impoverished. The U.S. military speaks of precision munitions and surgical strikes, suggesting a process that is controllable and predictable. 1,030 more words


Can a naturalist give us meaning?

A case can be made (a strong one, I think) that Edward O. Wilson is the greatest living naturalist.

His credentials are prodigious. A chaired professor at Harvard. 1,867 more words


Earthworms and Orchids: Why the founders of modern science cultivated virtue

I met a man at a conference this year who said he has spent his whole life studying. I have no idea how he funds his insatiable appetite for new knowledge, but it seems he has spent his days going from one topic to the other, modelling himself as a renaissance man. 735 more words


Time for Learning

Last weekend, I attended a day-long interdisciplinary forum on “Why Darwin Matters” sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council. The program included presentations by historians, literature experts, biologists, and artists, along with a musical performance and an art exhibit. 626 more words


Competition vs. Cooperation

Thanks to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and science classes around the world, most people think that competition is an inherent trait in species with widespread cooperation taking place.   134 more words

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