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Looking for a mate? Better get musical then

My musical talent never really got beyond self-taught recorder about thirty-five years ago: I did teach myself to read music as a result and could play simple things like “ 375 more words

70 Books: My 2014-2015 Reading List

It’s time and past I post my updated 2014-2015 reading list. Last year I had a goal of reading 35 books, which I was able to surpass. 770 more words

Geektastic Fun!

Family tree - literally

Researching family history is very popular these days. With a bit of luck you might be able to go back a few generations and maybe find out who your four times great grandparents were and what they did. 405 more words

The journey is the thing

I am reading the books recommended by Arnold Bennett in his self-help guide Literary Taste: How To Form It, first published in 1909 and reissued in 1938. 1,162 more words


#2: The Rhinoceros in the Hallway

One day in the mid-19th century, Mrs. Caroline Owen returned home and opened the front door to find a dead rhinoceros in her hallway. Now, you might fully expect that she was more than a little surprised, and that she’d – quite rightly – have had something to say about this rather inconvenient intrusion. 687 more words

All In The Name Of Science

Evolution and Atheism

Evangelicals of a certain stripe often claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a path to atheism as it undermines sacred scripture. They work feverishly to undermine that theory and to oppose it in school classrooms with the teaching that “God did it” instead. 315 more words


The Meme Generation

P.O.D (payable on death) said the following “We are, we are the youth of the nation.” Now this is true but honestly it scares me just a little. 324 more words

(Pop) Culture