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on Charles Darwin, 1871

In my research into fossils in early American works for children, mention of Charles Darwin has been conspicuously absent, perhaps because the editors of early American periodicals for children weren’t sure they understood the theories enough to present them, probably because his theories didn’t fit well with the theories of the editors about the history of the planet. 569 more words

Fossils In Early American Works For Children

Like Emma I Pray For Darwin's Soul....

I spent several days reading the article “Was Darwin Wrong?” Trying to understand and make sense of the article. I then realize that Darwin wasn’t wrong nor was he right and that his theory was just A Theory; a system of ideas intended to explain something. 189 more words

Charles Darwin

0128: One-kidney wonder (good one, Dad)

I was born missing a vital organ, but until I was 16, I was completely unaware of it. Conspiracy theorists, this is your call to action. 603 more words

My So-called Life

One-Liner Wednesday -- The Scopes Trial

Today’s One-LIner Wednesday comes from the recorded transcript of the Scopes Trial, which took place in a Dayton, Tennessee courtroom in July of 1925. 169 more words


Brian Ellis returns to SCSU as Charles Darwin

Here is a great opportunity for all ages!  Check out this event announcement from The Library at St. Cloud State University: 

Award winning Chicago-area storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis returns Feb. 363 more words

School Media Specialist

Sir Richard Owen: The man who wasn't there

  Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…

- from Antigonish by Hugh Mearns… 1,554 more words

On the Origin of Species

This stunning photograph comes from James Pegrum, with his beautiful recreation of one the most important ships ever to sail.

The HMS Beagle was an unremarkable 10-gun Cherokee-class vessel that served with the Royal Navy and HM Customs and Excise from 1820 until it was scrapped half a century later in 1870. 20 more words