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Evolution and Atheism

Evangelicals of a certain stripe often claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a path to atheism as it undermines sacred scripture. They work feverishly to undermine that theory and to oppose it in school classrooms with the teaching that “God did it” instead. 315 more words


The Meme Generation

P.O.D (payable on death) said the following “We are, we are the youth of the nation.” Now this is true but honestly it scares me just a little. 324 more words

(Pop) Culture

Episode 2: The Evolution Of Paradigm

Today, I was thinking about what to talk about in this blog post, when I saw an interesting photo in my news feed. In the photo a huge sign that says… 300 more words

Charles Darwin: On the Origin of Species

The masterpiece as network diagram. For more info on the work click here

Big Data

Down House Reflection

Week 9, Post 1

(composed and submitted Thursday morning, but upload was unsuccessful)

One of the things that struck me the most about Down House, the home that Darwin lived and worked in alongside his family, was the way in which it was so clearly a… 323 more words

Nature & Culture

Microbiology Darwinism In Ancient Hindu Texts Vedas

Ancient Vedic Indians, during the Vedic period have developed advanced knowledge in Microbiology.

Biology and Surgery were developed and practiced.

They knew the classification of Species… 611 more words


Age of the Earth (1/7) - Kent Hovind

The 4 grand questions in life are determined by how you view the world.
- Who I Am (and what I am worth ?)
- Where did I come from you ? 87 more words