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Biology continues to change the world

In 2014, the Society of Biology is running a project that hopes to provide a new way of inspiring the biologists of the future, whilst also recognising past achievements. 415 more words

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin attended Edinburgh University in hopes of becoming a physician like his father, but soon abandoned the idea because he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. 23 more words


The Importance of Understanding History in Darwin and Freud

For both Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud, understanding history is, ultimately, understanding humanity. They both try to answer the question “How did man come to be the way he is now?” As Darwin puts it, “It seemed worth while to try how far the principle of evolution would throw light on some of the more complex problems in the natural history of man.” It is important to notice that both thinkers are scientists, not really interested in metaphysical speculation, or literary metaphors and symbolism. 474 more words

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Natural selection hits the right note

Music is an art, but throw in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection and you could scientifically create a melody pleasing to the ear. 544 more words

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Catastophe! (9) End Ediacaran

When looking for possible catastrophes to write about, the end Ediacaran extinction did not look particularly interesting. But life changed dramatically around this time, making it a significant event in earth’s history. 543 more words



(Creation vs. Evolution Play)

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Davy: SILENCE! (ssshh sound) To present his views about our lesson: Creation vs Evolution, let’s hear from Seanpiens Seanpiens (applause) 1,018 more words

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What came first—the proboscis or the nectar spur?

The Fakahatchee Strand in South Florida is one of the last places where the elusive and nearly-extinct Florida panther still roams. The panther, which has been extirpated from most of its former range due to hunting and habitat loss still prowls here due mostly to the Strand’s isolation and covering of dense, nearly impenetrable swamp. 942 more words