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Dickens Versus....Um...


Okay, I won’t go with the obvious “D” word to match Dickens — We’ll go with “Hottie,” how about that? :D

We haven’t gotten to have ANY fun on the blog recently! 92 more words

Erotic Romance

Thermidor Fun Fact Day Thirty-Eight: Defeated Tyrants: Napoleon and Robespierre thrown from the saddle

What great novel of the nineteenth century presents Napoleon as an “involuntary revolutionary” alongside a horseback-riding Robespierre who is thrown from his saddle; both of them meeting defeat on June 18, 1815? 24 more words

French Revolution


To the person who said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” you are an insufferable know-it-all. When I say that quote in my head, it has the exact same tone as my Dad saying “I told you so” after he has turned out to be right for the fifty millionth time. 255 more words

The Beginning

Review: The Invisible Woman

Despite being Ralph Fiennes’ second directorial effort, with himself starring as acclaimed novelist, philanthropist and public figure Charles Dickens, this is the story of how Nelly Ternan became his lover, and this is Felicity Jones’ film. 652 more words


Inspired by Growth and Evolution I wondered what it would be like to be emotionally stuck in the past. I chose a character who is stuck in time and is unable to move on.   64 more words

A Level

Why are we are where we are today. Some answers from Alfred Marshall, David Ricardo and Charles Dickens

Philosophers define our contemporary society as post modern, but economics remains apart as it belongs to what those philosophers disparaging call the modernist tradition. A science of humanity that believes its analysis and truths are true for all societies and their economies, whereas post modernists believe the truths of economics are only relative, rooted in a particular society at a particular time. 1,440 more words


Hans Christian Andersen's Motto was "Enjoy Life"

“Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.”

~ Hans Christian Andersen ~

Some of my favorite childhood stories were written by Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer, who was born in 1805. 524 more words