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” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it averaged out to be the most mediocre of times.”

Wait… that’s not what Charles Dickens wrote? 9 more words


Great Expectations

Yes, the great Dickens novel.  I am re-reading it, and enjoying it immensely.  The title is a double entendre.  Great expectations is a technical term in the book referring to Pip’s expected inheritance – as in ‘he has come into great expectations.’  But the phrase also hints at Pip’s own hopes and dreams – how he wants to live and who he wants to be.   424 more words

Our Mutual Friend Tweets: Part Six

Highlights of the sixth part of the ‘Our Mutual Friend Tweets’ project can now be found on Storify! Click here to catch up on the latest developments. 16 more words

Charles Dickens

Barnaby Rudge, by Dickens

It was a substantial meal; for over and above the ordinary tea equipage, the board creaked beneath the weight of a jolly round of beef, a ham of the first magnitude, and sundry towers of buttered Yorkshire cake, piled slice upon slice in most alluring order. 95 more words

Charles Dickens

Dickens Day 2014 Blog Post

If you missed this year’s annual Dickens Day, on the theme of ‘Dickens and conviviality’, then you can read about it on the Birkbeck blog here.

Charles Dickens

Somebody Get Me a Doctor*

The human instinct for self-preservation is powerful. So it makes sense that we have a deep-seated fear of contagious disease. That’s part of the reason, for instance, that the recent news about Ebola in West Africa (and a few cases elsewhere) is so frightening. 1,214 more words


The Rant of Edwin Drood, Chapter 13

Previously on The Mystery of Edwin Drood

  • Jasper and Durdles went on a spooky date in the cathedral catacombs.

…and now, the thrilling continuation! 717 more words