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Coming To Pharaoh's Aid

“But if God, desiring to demonstrate His wrath, and to make His power known, endured in much long-suffering vessels of wrath having been fitted out for destruction” (Romans 9:22).

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Charles Hodge

Understanding the Truth of the Gospel

“As the things which the Holy Spirit has revealed are addressed not only to the intellect as true, but to the conscience as obligatory and to the affections as excellent and lovely, to reject them is not to recognize their truth, authority and excellence. 87 more words

Charles Hodge

Spiritually Appraised

“The apostle’s whole object is to prove that the reason of man can neither discover the truths of the gospel, nor receive them with delight when they are revealed. 64 more words

Charles Hodge

The Spirit of the World

“The ‘spirit of the world’ is human reason, which is the principle of knowledge in men. Paul asserts that human reason was not the source of the knowledge he communicated. 53 more words

Charles Hodge

No Higher Doctrine Than The Gospel Itself

“We do speak the true wisdom among the people who are competent to understand that it is the power of God for salvation. I do not mean that I preach higher doctrines to the elite of the church. 54 more words

Charles Hodge

The existence of God is it an intuitive truth? And, is it a Universal knowledge?

Taken from, Theology Proper
Written by Charles Hodge

Is it given in the very constitution of our nature?

Is it one of those truths which reveal themselves to every human mind, 1,133 more words