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Opposition: Charles Hodge and Charles Darwin

The Theologian of the Year series this year explores the strategies of Opposition, Accommodation and Dialogue.  We are looking at  three theologians from Princeton Seminary, a bastion of Evangelicalism from the mid 19th Century to 1929. 210 more words

Science And Faith

Divine Strength

” ‘For when I am weak, then am I strong.’ When really weak in ourselves, and conscious of that weakness, we are in the state suited to the manifestation of the power of God. 75 more words


Rules of Interpretation By Charles Hodge

The following article by Charles Hodge is a excellent summary of the rules of Biblical interpretation:

Rules of Interpretation By Charles Hodge

If every man has the right, and is bound to read the Scriptures, and to judge for himself what they teach, he must have certain rules to guide him in the exercise of this privilege and duty. 503 more words

The Bible

Dallas and the Dutchman: Trying to Make Sense of the “Christotelic” Controversy

Just when I thought I was about done with this topic I have found myself the subject of some interesting criticism on the Internet. A fellow by the name of Lane Keister, a PCA minister in South Carolina who blogs on the “Greenbaggins” site, has written a… 2,183 more words

Hodge on the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Church

    God enter into a covenant with Abraham. In that covenant there were certain promises which concerned his natural descendants through Isaac, which promises were suspended on the national obedience of the people.

503 more words
Reformed Theology

Has WTS Changed?

Given the continued silence of the WTS administration and board regarding its curious judgment that OT Professor Doug Green’s understanding of the New Testament’s use of the Old is incompatible with the Westminster Confession of Faith, this may well be my last post on this topic. 3,138 more words

The Liberation of Frederick Douglass…and the Bible

I used to attend a Methodist church, in which my master was a class-leader…he could pray at morning, pray at noon, and pray at night; yet he could lash up my poor cousin by his two thumbs, and inflict stripes and blows upon his bare back, till the blood streamed to the ground! 454 more words

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