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"Media Atonement Day": Media Response To Iraq War Anniversary, What Iraq War?

As you may have noticed—or rather, not noticed—few in the media paid any attention to last week’s 11th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, an event which had, oh, a few consequences. 597 more words


O'Bannon vs. NCAA: A Hotter Ticket Than March Madness

Why doesn’t the NCAA pay its players? Because they are amateurs. Why are they amateurs? Because the NCAA doesn’t pay them.

That, roughly, is the NCAA’s argument for running the gigantic exploitation racket called “college sports.” Become the primary feeder for the nation’s professional leagues, to the extent it is well-nigh impossible to get drafted into the NBA and the NFL without having gone through the NCAA, hold out the promise of a less-than-adequate scholarship for college expenses, tell tall tales about how a near full-time athlete can also pursue excellence in college education, pile on the “student-athlete” rhetoric, and finally, most importantly, construct a fantasy–aided and abetted by gullible fans and greedy administrators–about how the college sports player is the last noble bastion of amateurism in sports, how they play for heart and not wallet. 515 more words