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Afternoon clouds

Enjoying summer breezes before fall comes in


The people who leave footprints on our hearts

You look up & your eyes fall upon a familiar body. Not the face. You didn’t see that at first glance. You do a double take but now you’re at an angle with a tree in the way. 267 more words


Moving meditation

I spent most of Saturday wallowing in self-doubt and self-pity, feeling pretty unmotivated and unhappy with myself. Turns out a good, long run was just what I needed to clear my mind and quell my anxieties. 133 more words


Streaking Runners

Since I’ve been living in Boston, I’ve enjoyed running on the Charles because of all the other people. Runners, bikers, walkers, old, young, buff, skinny – all shapes and sizes. 456 more words

Paddle Boarding on the Charles River

I had been wanting to try paddle boarding for a while now, but I never found the opportunity to do it. A couple of weeks ago I was on the T (Boston subway) crossing the river, and I saw some people doing that on the Charles River. 524 more words