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It May Look Simple, But YOU CAN'T Do It

When we were moving a couple of  weekends ago, I remarked to our son how one of the toughest things to me to do is to maneuver a truck with a large trailer (we had a friend with a large truck and racing hauler helping us move). 80 more words


The Walking Dead Returns

One thing that I always used to look forward to as a kid-that has carried over into my adulthood-is that with the end of summer (BOO!) came the return of all new episodes of my favorite TV shows (YEA!). 107 more words


Roller Limbo?!

At one point or another, just about all of us have tried to roller skate, right?

How about limbo?

Ever been on a tropical vacation, had a couple of drinks in a poolside bar or at a luau and seen “how low can you go?”  Maybe… 136 more words


Disney Fail...Does It Makes Us Bad For Loving These?

Truth be told, we’re not bad people.

That being said, we have ALWAYS enjoyed laughing at the physical mishaps of others.  Admittedly it’s more Debbie and me, but we both enjoy it. 36 more words


LeBron...Better Than LeBron Could Ever Do It

This was such a huge story, even people who aren’t sports fans couldn’t help but be aware of it.  LeBron James, the greatest basketball player on the planet, chose to leave his Miami Heat franchise to return to the team that originally drafted him into the NBA, his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. 70 more words


Take THIS, France!

These are the legendary “White Cliffs of Dover.”

When one is traversing the 21 miles by sea between France and England, they are how you know you’ve reached Her Majesty’s realm. 167 more words


Yummy Foot?!

We realize we’ve got the Lynx line train system downtown, but for the most part, Charlotte is NOT a public transportation town.

In the NE United States, riding the train to work is an everyday way of life. 67 more words