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"Crappy" Tax Day

Well, another April 15th has come and gone.

Regardless of if you’re getting money back or not, you cannot escape noticing how much of your income you never take home. 39 more words

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Want A Kid To Pay Attention To Direction? Rap!

We don’t have to tell any parent this, but believe it or not…kids don’t pay attention to us when we want them to most!  I can’t tell you the number of times our son has looked us square in the eye-appearing to be at rapt attention to what we were saying-and it was just going in one ear and out the other. 62 more words

Charlie And Debbie

As If "The Bachelor" Wasn't Bad Enough

Ladies, you cannot claim to be offended by the way men treat you when you turn out by the millions to watch “The Bachelor.”  AND YOU REALLY can’t gripe if you decide to tune into what will be our guilty TV pleasure this summer. 56 more words

Charlie And Debbie

Finally, A "Frozen" I Can Enjoy

I’m (Charlie) not a big animated movie guy.  Once our son grew out of wanting to see them, I grew out of HAVING to see them.   73 more words

Charlie And Debbie

Most Entertaining Way To Start A Flight

Okay, admit it.  You don’t pay attention to the flight attendant when he/she is giving the pre-flight instructions either.

Well, to combat this,  Virgin America has attendants doing entire choreographed routines in the aisles, but Southwest has moonlight comedian Martha “Marty” Cobb, who puts her own little sassy spin on the safety speech.

It’s classic!

Charlie And Debbie

Gosh We Love These Goats

We’ve been in love with these screaming goats ever since we saw them get involved with Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.”


Well, they’re back! 29 more words

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The Rock Is Now Immortal

Okay, we admit it, we are absolute marks for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  We don’t care if he’s wrestling, acting, hosting a reality show…whatever, we’re in. 53 more words

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