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Superman's Secret Identity

Clark Kent’s glasses are both the most iconic and most ridiculed superhero disguise in comic book history. The disguise has been parodied in Saturday Night Live… 1,184 more words


Greystone Valley

“Which one of these could I read out loud to my daughter?” I always ask that question when perusing piles of books these days.  Not necessarily because I will read the title to my kid, but should she walk up and say, “Read it LOUDER, mommy,” because I’m not reading out loud at all – I want to feel comfortable with the words coming out of my mouth and falling on her ears. 399 more words


Goodbye Movember, Hello Brovember

I am not participating in Movember this year. Instead I’m participating in Brovember.

Despite the change, the game is the same this year as it has been in past years: 348 more words

Random Blogness

21 Faces, Chapter Four: Summer Wine

Previous Chapter

My corpse had left an indent on the sidewalk. A set of orange construction cones linked with yellow police tape formed a perimeter around the cracked pavement where a body had been scraped up not too long ago. 2,683 more words


One Year Later

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of Greystone Valley follow.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah finally turned back toward the door. “Goodbye, Kay.”

“See you later, Sarah.” 555 more words


The History of Dungeons & Dragons (revised for 2014)

For the next few paragraphs, I am going to talk about the history of the Dungeons & Dragons game, which gave birth to the role-playing game industry. 3,435 more words


Why is the Hulk my Favorite Character?

The Incredible Hulk is far and away my favorite comic book character. In fact, I’ve posed the argument before that he is one of the greatest literary characters of all time. 1,651 more words