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How the Grinch Promoted Animal Cruelty

I read my son How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, because why the hell wouldn’t I?

One particular picture gave me pause: 513 more words


21 Faces, chapter six: Living Dead Girl

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An image through fog. A woman sits at a park bench on a cold day, feeding pigeons. She holds crumbled bread in one hand and an open prescription bottle in the other. 2,306 more words


Gaming Stories: The Evolution of Claude the Clydesdale

In my current campaign, the PCs emerged from several weeks in a massive dungeon and immediately started embarking upon a cross-country trek. One of the PCs was a paladin with a celestial horse. 941 more words


The Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies

I had almost forgotten that I promised to talk about Love Never Dies in my discussion of the 2004 Phantom of the Opera film. Maybe I had blocked it out of my memory. 948 more words


Pathfinder Class Archetypes: The Radiant Light Monk

Monks of the Order of the Radiant Light focus on harnessing the divine spark placed in each mortal being and manifesting it in a physical way. 279 more words

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Nitpicking Jurassic Park

My family and I watched Jurassic Park over the weekend. I really need to stress that it’s a good movie, because I’m about to spend quite a bit of time making fun of it. 1,293 more words