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Superhero Makeovers: Superman (revised for 2014)

A physical marvel, a mental wonder, SUPERMAN is destined to reshape the destiny of a world!

It is very unlikely that even Superman’s creators Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster expected those words from… 2,822 more words


The Hierarchy of Fandom and Why it's Bullshit

While reading through an article on Cracked.com (which, though it shames me to admit it, is a thing I do once in a while), I came across this tidbit that implored people to… 879 more words


21 Faces, Chapter One: Wake Up Dead

The hollow feeling inside me came from the fact that I didn’t have a liver. In fact, somebody had removed most of my vital organs. 2,017 more words


RPG Rants: Evolution of the D&D Halfling

Dungeons & Dragons has almost always been in a precarious spot when it comes to the balance between being a generic fantasy adventure game and possessing valuable intellectual property of its own. 1,942 more words


Comic Rants: Old Wonder Woman versus New Wonder Woman

Reboots are tricky things. Oftentimes, they rehash stories that have already been told, aiming for a new audience. Of course, capturing a new audience often means disenfranchising the old one. 2,396 more words


The Hacking Trial Costs Issue - News UK withdraw their claim for millions: Saunders' Memo

Back in June, when Rebekah Brooks, Stuart Kuttner, Cheryl Carter and Mark Hanna were all acquitted at the phone hacking trial, their barristers made it clear they would be applying (as is their right) for a refund of their court costs. 1,462 more words

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