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Charlie Brown Specials that Should be Made

Charlie Brown Specials that should be made. Each one would be more successful than than the previous. So why hasn’t anybody made these yet? I just don’t know. 55 more words

Random Writing

Valentine's Day

Another circle of the yearly wheel, brings us again to a day that has become known worldwide as the day of Love with a capital “L!”  L’ amour, love, el amor……Très romantique! 1,136 more words


Looking For Charlie

Because He Would Understand.


Dark Hall Mansion Announces "Snoopy Valentine" By Nicole Gustafsson

Valentine’s Day or as some call it, the “Feast of Saint Valentine”, is a global celebration of love and Dark Hall Mansion has given us something to absolutely fall in love WITH.   455 more words


Working for Peanuts

Ah the fun things a teacher encounters when asked to step in and sub for an under-the-weather comrade.

And I didn’t even have to grab the Weebles.


Auditioning 101

Last semester I wrote about how much I enjoyed my experience with being a part of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This semester, LMU is putting on a production of… 1,024 more words