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Minneapolis rapper ,deM atlaS, the newest addition to Rhymesayers released a music video for, “F=rankln”, off his Charlie Brown EP. Visuals are directed and edited by Nathan EJ & EJ Films.


Day 314 - The "Great Purple"

Saw this and it made me smile…

Today the assistant in the petrol station asked me if I had specifically chosen the chocolate I was buying to match my outfit. 48 more words

Starts With Goodbye

I thought it fitting that my first blog post comes at a time in my life when a lot of things were ending.

Goodbyes are some of the hardest things we as humans have to go through. 291 more words


K is for...Kite

A kite in the tree
the crab apple tree
Want to get it down
the kite is stuck
and you only shrug
Say “Let the dog in” 132 more words


To-do list: Find God

It’s a little odd that I’ve been working so hard the last couple of months and don’t really have anything to show for it just yet. 906 more words

Feeling Italian

I love Italy. I love Italians. Everybody writes about them, including me. Sometimes it comes out like stereotypical dribble, and all I hear is people saying, “A-pasta pizza Pinocchio pie!” like in Charlie Brown cartoons when the parents talk. 1,553 more words


How does one get rid of these insecurities? :(
it’s like we’re the same person