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Happy Monday!

Sometimes, the best way to start a new workweek is to simply give it absolutely everything you’ve got. All the energy left over from the weekend should serve as jumper cables of sorts this Monday morning. 12 more words

Drunk History - Baltimore

Last night, Drunk History went to Baltimore. With this week’s cast, we were on the edge of our seats with excitement! Not only did Drunk History… 679 more words


'Drunk History' recap: Where can I get this book?

Season 2 | Episode 4 | “Baltimore” | Aired July 22, 2014

Drunk History creator and Baltimore native Derek Waters approves of the idea that Baltimore is a shoe. 917 more words

Do Horrible Bosses Make a Horrible Movie?

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Directed by:  Seth Gordon

Starring:  Jason BatemanCharlie DayJason Sudeikis

7 Word Synopsis:  Fed-up employees half-heartedly plan to kill bosses. 132 more words


Pacific Rim (2013)

As a kid, even to today, I can appreciate a good monster movie. TBS on Saturdays would air classic Godzilla movies with Al Lewis doing his Grandpa Munster schtick as the host. 663 more words


Dream Cast: Keanu Reeves

I know. Keanu Reeves is the IDEAL person to play himself in this play about, himself but if he’s busy lets think of some other possibilities. 86 more words

Keanu The Musical