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SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK directed by Charlie Kaufman (USA, 2008)

This is a movie about life and dreams but mainly it’s about death.

We all have dreams, both big and small. 405 more words


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Originally published on 3/5/14 in the Diamondback

My Grade: A

We live for memories.

The value of an event or a person — his, her, its impact on us — is in our memories. 872 more words


King Lear & Shakespeare

     King Lear was arguably Shakespeare’s greatest literary accomplishment. I think Charlie Kaufman should make a movie out of it. I’ll spearhead it, and advise him. Where’s Stephen Greenblatt at? 250 more words

The Book or the Movie?

     The movie. Movies are emotionally moving because of the addition of music, and a variety of various cinematic techniques of which I am not familiar, because I am not a director. 723 more words

The walker

But I guess that through the process of struggling into life… one has seen and lived and done many things good or bad. I believe this is a chaotic point of view to see human existence but aren’t we chaotic ourselves?… 7 more words

Your Weekly TV News Roundup: ABC Family's Controversy, Donal Logue's 'Gotham' Look

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. 477 more words