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Charlie Rose talks to Khaled Meshaal

Charlie Rose is a highly respected interviewer who has television programs on Bloomberg, CBS, and PBS in the United States.

Hamas’s exiled leader on the Gaza bloodshed and the effects of Israel’s seven-year blockade of the Palestinian enclave. 751 more words

Foreign Affairs

Joe's Journal: The Loss Of Two

This week we lost to amazing stars. The passing of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Joe takes a look back at both and all the great things they have left behind. 19 more words

Las Vegas

Yet another tribute to Robin Williams

When I was 32 and freshly divorced, I said what I needed was a 35-year-old rich hippie (not that rich and hippie were easily found together). 467 more words

People Watching

A Conversation with Ernst Gombrich

My admiration for Ernst Gombrich was influenced by my college professors and it developed over time as I read more articles and books by the German scholar. 182 more words

A dangerous ‘certainty’

Last week, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote an article in the Atlantic entitled “What would Hamas do if it could do everything it wanted?” The answer to this question, according to him, is blindingly simple: Hamas would not stop – would know no restraint – until all Jews were exterminated. 1,202 more words


PBS: Video: Charlie Rose Show: Christopher Hitchens on Bill Clinton

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This just in- Christopher Hitchens does not like Bill Clinton. Now we return you to your Insomniac Nightly Movie The Attack of the Killer Popcorn. 266 more words