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The NCTC's Matt Olsen on Benghazi (Oct. 8, 2014) | Charlie Rose

Matt Olsen of the NCTC told Charlie Rose:

1. That the National Security Team treated the Benghazi Incident as a terrorist attack.

2. At least 20 sources claimed that protests had spurred the attack – this information was found out to be false within 7-10 days. 24 more words


The NCTC's Matt Olsen on the Threat of ISIS (Oct. 8, 2014) | Charlie Rose

Matt Oslen claims to Charlie Rose that:
1. ISIL represents an “acute” threat to U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Iraq.
2. ISIL represents a regional threat to states such as Lebanon. 49 more words


Hector on Charlie

Charlie Rose does many good interviews. I liked this one with Hector Monsegur, a computer hacker from New York whom the FBI tracked down an turned informant. 120 more words

Policy And Tax

'SNL' mocks CIA with torture architects skit

by CNN,12/15/2014

The “architects” of the CIA’s torture report are featured on “Saturday Night Live’s” version of the ‘Charlie Rose’ show.



Top 5

Top 5 – Although this stars Chris Rock and is billed as a comedy, it is not. I could count on one hand the laughs and on two fingers, the good laughs. 189 more words

December 2014

CIA Torture Report Becomes 'SNL' Comedy Fodder

The cold open on last night’s Martin Freeman-hosted SNL featured a Charlie Rose interview bit with James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. The New York Times says they’re the psychologists whose company was paid $82 million to design the CIA’s extra-legal, not to mention discredited, program of brutal torture that included waterboarding and the Salt Pit. 119 more words


The Giggling of America

Unless someone I love a lot is plopped on a morning TV show by a shit-faced publicist, I would rather have a lit cigar shoved up my nose than watch this odiferousness. 357 more words