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Alibaba's Jack Ma says we should learn from "Forrest Gump"

The founder and executive chairman of the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group told an audience at Davos that he thinks people should study the character played by Tom Hanks in the epic 1994 romantic dramedy  168 more words

Direction and purpose.

Pregnancy…especially “unplanned” (not to get confused with accidental) is one’s greatest adventure. It’s like going to a country you know absolutely NOTHING about. You haven’t the slightest clue what language the native’s speak and couldn’t even point it out on a map…Austin and I are lucky we have a few tour guides to turn to. 523 more words

Word of the Day: Uh

Have you noticed how many seasoned journalists overuse the word UH? Yes, it is a word. It must be. Can’t believe the networks would allow a non-word to be featured so prominently. 490 more words


Crichton Bio

I have a new blog (Crichtonbio.com). But I will continue writing on this one. This will still be my author page–my main insights into my world and my work. 227 more words


Three Incredible Singer-Songwriters Warmed A Cold Winter's Night

I attended my first house concert – the Fox Run Concert Series – because of the strength of the performers; I also heard they can be very cool. 537 more words

The Money is the Message?

One of the reasons why people have a standing distaste for politicians is because of how they sometimes don’t clearly answer questions.  Case in point, Mark Rubio has written a book in which he talks about what America needs to do to help Americans recapture the American Dream.  216 more words