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Winning is FUN.  In fact, there is a huge industry built upon our generation’s desire to win- Gambling.  That includes the lottery, in my book. 349 more words


Winning a way of life for Bowers


It’s a phrase that’s has been mocked since Charlie Sheen used a few years ago.

For Ensworth football coach Ricky Bowers, it’s a way of life. 200 more words


Platoon (1986)

I didn’t love this film. It’s hard to love a war film, especially one like this, one that seeks to show the harsh realities of it. 360 more words

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Bill Cosby, & 12 Other Celebrity Men Who've Been Accused Of Heinous Crimes But Are Still Idolized (LIST)

Women have been accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them for almost a decade now, but for one reason or another, no one ever paid much attention to the allegations. 204 more words


Tina Fey's Bossypants - Or The Voice. The Voice is Apparently the Boss.


By Tina Fey

Copyright 2011

Look, I’m a literary feigned.  I love to read.  Although mostly good literature – I tend to put away my pocket dictionary and pick up a good ‘easy read’ – comedy is good.   561 more words


Two and a Half on Two and Half Men

Two and Half Men is back for the final time!

11 years, 12 seasons and over 250 episodes about a hedonistic jingle writer and his broke but lovable brother is a remarkable achievement. 909 more words



2012, Directed by Larry Kasanoff
Starring: Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria

Dex, a superdog sleuth, is the law of the land when the world’s most recognized brands take on the forces of evil and the devilish Brand X. 631 more words