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Where you should be buying your fruit and vegetables

So I had to get this one out of the way :)

I love my fruit, and usually buy in bulk, and this place is just amazing :) 247 more words


Charlies Soap Laundry Powder 264 lbs FFP

There are different methods to making goats milk soap including: cold process soap making, hot process soap making and re-batching. Before you begin making soap you should know the proper materials, ingredients and safety procedures to use. 272 more words

In Charlies Angels Full Throttle Screen Special Edition

graphic driving skills, enough for a lifetime Overview driving position and steering wheel grip
throttle, clutch, step on the foot brake of the law plus file operations example downshift operation example … 240 more words



I like the word antsy, to describe how I am feeling.
A hundred million ants, crawling up and down my arms.
With nowhere to go, and no place to be. 120 more words


Mini College Reunion at Charlie's Grind and Grills

Imagine sitting down with your closest friends after four or five long years – exhilarating! Yes, it’s been years ago when I last had a decent and long conversation with my friends whom I met in my freshman year in college. 124 more words


365 Places: Ode to a Cappuccino, Charlie's 1978

Day 177: Charlie’s Italian Restaurant, Darwin 1978

This post is about my love of coffee, in particular a cappuccino, from where it all began – celebrating my 12th birthday at an Italian restaurant in Darwin – Charlie’s. 290 more words

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