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RIP: Disco Rodeo AKA The Ritz AKA "club that smells like peepee"

Ya’ll its the end of an era here in Raleighwood.  One of the most Iconic Regional Mexican Clubs and I use both the words Iconic and Club loosely has officially  closed.   252 more words


Kim Kardashian The Psychic .. Wait..What?

Yup, Kim Kardashian can accurately predict the future…kinda

So yesterday Kim K turned 34 & Entertainment Tonight somehow got their hands on this gem!
A home video from 1994 of little 13 year old Kimmy hogging the camera. 59 more words


Australians Eating American Food #MURICA

I didnt realize how much junk food we take for granted!

I had no idea that slim jims (aka: my only meal when I started in radio) were so specific to America. 69 more words


It's getting hot in here!

For the past few years, I have been trying to do yoga on a somewhat regular basis to help in my recovery from running. It seems that yoga studios are on every street corner these days, so it’s hard to know what sets them apart from one another. 347 more words


How a Charlotte, NC Social Security Disability Lawyer Hastens Payouts

Investigative teams from the news network revealed an administrative lapse as the cause of the delay, one that could have easily cost Nobilio her home. Buffalo officials pegged the waiting time for a decision to no longer than 14 months, and her case was way beyond that. 90 more words


Linkdown: 10/22/14

- The Charlotte Observer’s Retro Charlotte blog has several old ads for the Mallard Creek Barbecue

- Speaking of the Mallard Creek Barbecue, in its 85th annual edition just as… 146 more words


Catherine_Holt shared a Flickr photo with you

Hafla with Megha 12-1-2011 2177 by Catherine Holt on Flickr.

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