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Alex and Ani Water Lily Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

Living in difficult conditions, the water lily is a symbol of beauty through turmoil. Rising above the water to extract energy from the sun, the water lily is a reminder that perseverance will lead to enlightenment and a reawakening. 38 more words

Solomon Seal Charm Bracelet for Fertility & Healthy Pregnancy

Khaki & pink handmade Kabbalah charm bracelet, featuring a sterling silver Solomon Seal believed to increase fertility and maintain health during pregnancy. The Solomon Seal amulet is 925 Sterling Silver.

Bronze and 18k Rose Gold Plated Two-Tone Heart Charm Bangle Bracelet, 7.25"

This metallic bangle-bracelet is accented with a delicate rose-gold plated heart charm that adds a delicate finishing touch.

Alex and Ani Oyster Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

To find an oyster beholding a pearl is a rare and blessed gift. Symbolizing true humility, the oyster proves that treasure lies within. Bestow the oyster and pearl to promote femininity, love, and inner beauty. 23 more words

Alex and Ani Sacred Dove Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

The classic symbol of the Holy Spirit, the dove is also synonymous with peace, faith, grace, and truth. On the occasion of John the Baptist’s baptism of Jesus, it is written that the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, came down upon Jesus and remained with him. 19 more words

Alex and Ani Bangle Bar Feather Charm Expandable Bracelet

An object representing light and air, a feather is the bearer of truth and justice. Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart weighed as light as a feather. 43 more words

Alex and Ani Piece Of The Puzzle Charm Expandable Bangle Bar Bracelet

Like a puzzle piece, every individual is shaped differently with unique talents, perspectives and beliefs. Once we share these gifts with each other, positivity will spread and hope will endure. 45 more words