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my belated november boxycharm

Hello lovelies! Exciting news, I AM FREE FROM SCHOOL! WOO! I just finished up my last final today and it couldn’t come a moment too soon. 217 more words

Product Reviews

Osaka Funny | Summer & Fall 2014

Some seriously killer stuff coming from Osaka Funny out of Japan. Funny’s always been one of my favorite dudes to watch flow on a bike. His trick choice at spots mixed with his buttery style makes for some riding that’s really nice to watch. 6 more words


Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Rake

Now fan-shaped, when I was small, you were simply straight up and down and liked lurking in the lawn to trip up unsuspecting daydreamers like me. 110 more words


Little Charmer

I was just in the process of telling son to sit with me as he was being too rowdy. It was meant to be punishment and as I was doing it he said ‘I love you’. 49 more words



If you know me in ┬áreal life, you’d basically know that in most aspects I fail at being a girl. Whether it’s shaving, showering, painting my nails, doing my hair or putting on makeup, it’s all done at the very bare minimum. 529 more words