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Invasion of Charter of Rights

Re: Share info with IRS? No way, says local woman, by Chris Thompson, Aug. 13.

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that the Canadian government of the day made such a deal with the U.S. 165 more words


The Conservatives' clever ploy with the Truth in Sentencing Act

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the application of the Truth in Sentencing Actwas depicted in various media outlets as being part of a trend of recent decisions rebuffing the Conservative government’s justice agenda. 876 more words

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Oath to Queen is a political question, not a legal one

Three permanent residents in Canada recently challenged the requirement to swear an oath to the Queen in order to obtain citizenship, claiming that it violated their Charter rights to free expression and religion, and that it discriminated against people of other national origins. 708 more words

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Does court ruling create leniency for non-residents?

Hoang Anh Pham, a non-citizen, was convicted of producing and possessing marijuana for trafficking for being a “party” to a marijuana grow-operation in Calgary in 2010. 860 more words

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When transparency can hurt democracy

A Department of Justice lawyer, Edgar Schmidt, recently challenged his employer in court, alleging that the process that the Department uses to analyze whether proposed legislation is in accordance with the… 905 more words

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A logical decision in anti-terrorism case

Convicted terrorist Momin Khawaja disagrees fundamentally with Canada’s anti-terrorism laws, believing they are an unfair infringement on his rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to express himself freely. 891 more words

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Should Canada be at ease with its judicial activism?

The Canadian Constitution, the supreme law of the land, allows judges to invalidate laws that are unconstitutional.

Constitutionality rulings can be thorny, as they often involve significant value judgements that pit constitutional rights against the objectives of legislatures. 798 more words

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