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Fun With Facts About New Orleans Schools

Directions: Below are three examples of controversial education issues in New Orleans. Each issue includes two statements that describe the same scenario, albeit in slightly different ways. 580 more words


Stop Saying Market-Based Reform. Please.

The expression “market-based reform” (or some variation thereof) gets thrown about by folks on both sides of the education reform debate. Opponents use it as a term of derision, intended to describe what they feel is an impersonal, metrics-obsessed approach to teaching and learning. 1,796 more words


EdNext and the "Promise" of "Charter Choice"--But Let's Not Mention the FBI

I have written a couple of posts of late regarding the results of Education Next’s 2014 public opinion survey, especially as concerns EdNext’s and its editor-in-chief Paul Peterson’s attempts to sell the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to a public that is only half aware of CCSS– and with the half who are aware increasingly rejecting those “common standards in English and math.” 1,808 more words


For Labor Day Weekend: Pie and/or Labor and/or #CharterPolitics

First, I love apple pie. I would be hard pressed to choose another pie that I like more than my grandma’s fresh baked apple pie. I mean, there are some contenders… there is also grandma’s sweet potato and pumpkin pie. 961 more words

Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz: Wall Street Stage Mother

Hedge-funded, politically-connected New York charter pusher Eva Moskowitz is trying to paint herself as a “protector of children.”

She insinuates that her charter school forcefulness is.. 464 more words

High-stakes Testing

Charter Schools to Be Defining Issue of Okla State Superintendent Race

Democrats had two unusually good choices in this runoff race for the State Superintendent nomination between two long-time, dedicated education leaders: Freda Deskin and John Cox, the winner. 561 more words