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By the Numbers: Exploring the labyrinths of British Columbia

Glenda Luymes

The Province

Ancient in origin, but regaining prominence in modern times, labyrinths have long been places of reflection and contemplation.

Read on for further enlightenment on local labyrinths. 658 more words


Walking the Labyrinth - Calgary

A labyrinth? Here in Calgary?

Who knew!

I had always assumed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that labyrinth was just another word for a maze – a maze offers you choices, while a labyrinth has only one track leading in and out – and was intrigued to discover there are… 506 more words


4 Architectural Wonders of the Middle Ages

During the middle ages that is from 500A.D to 1400A.D, lots of  architectural structures were built in either the Romanesque  or Gothic style . Some of these buildings remain almost/ completed preserved over the ages with some of them close to 1000 years old. 666 more words

Interesting Fact


A traveler in thirteenth-century France met three men pushing wheelbarrows along the road. He asked them what manner of work they were doing and received the following three answers: The first said, “I toil from sunup to sundown and all I get for my pains is a few pennies each day.” The second said, “I am glad enough to push this barrow for I have been long out of work and have a family to feed.” The third said, “I am building the cathedral of Chartres!” 13 more words


Easter Vigil in the Chartres Cathedral

Remembering the Easter Vigil in the Chartres Cathedral brings into focus the beauty of the cathedral, liturgy, and faith. As you pray with these images, may God manifest in you the light and hope that you desire. 65 more words


The 13th Century Tabernacle At Chartres

The tabernacle used during  the Maundy Thursday watch-night service in the crypt of the Chartres Cathedral was made during  the early 13th century artisans in Limoges, France. 123 more words


Palm Sunday in Chartres, France

Palm Sunday is long past, but contemplating images from the day’s celebration by the faithful in Chartres always brings inspiration.

The New Testament story from John 12:12-16 (NRSV) 157 more words