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The Desecration of Chartres


When I was last in the cathedral of Chartres, I saw a lot of scaffolding — the apse was full of it, and you couldn’t get close — but I did not realize what was going on.

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When I stepped on the S-Bahn train at Berlin Central Station there was a guitarist and a violinist on there playing Putting on the Ritz

When I stepped on the S Bahn train at Berlin Central Station, there was a guitarist and a violinist on there playing Putting on the Ritz. 78 more words

Iconography 101: Attributes in Scripture

If iconography is “writing with images,” then attributes are among the key words and phrases that constitute a legible script. What are attributes? I think of them as visual cues to a person’s identity in art. 985 more words

The Trillionaire Part 9

So returning to our scenario at Chartres. By this time the Templars were possibly becoming too wealthy in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope must have decided to see if his spies could locate THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. 139 more words

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Pilgrimage at the Chartres Cathedral in France

Pilgrims make their way to the Chartres Cathedral each day seeking God’s presence and blessing, They find fellow pilgrims beside them in the cathedral, whether clothed in flesh, stained glass, or stone. 123 more words


The Trillionaire Part 7

In the previous post I showed you a photo of a column in the Chartres Cathedral depicting a CART. Here is that photo again and look at the LEFT column. 123 more words

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The Trillionaire Part 6

So we have established that the Knights Templar found THE ARK OF THE COVENANT in the HORSE STABLES of King Solomon’s Palace area.

We also know that they most likely hid it in the massive Chartres Cathedral as seen below. 62 more words

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