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PSW Watchlist For Week Of Nov. 24th 2014 - $OSLH $CDVI $QEDN $DROP $MRIB $JNUG

Howdy Folks!

OSLH – Looking for a textbook ascending wedge breakout .048, looking for a weak open with a red to green push towards new highs. 168 more words

Peer review: how to make it work when it doesn't

When writers trust that they can consistently receive high quality feedback from their peers, everything changes. Rather than relying on the teacher, kids begin turning to one another for support. 462 more words


Completed 7 Habits Scrabble

Karidja, a fourth grade ESL student, finished 7 Habits Scrabble on Friday. Although, students from all levels and from all classes could be found participating in the game, Kardija placed the final piece of the game board on Friday. 170 more words

Emily Lepkowski

Further spiral theory

Hi all,

I’m on a high on spiral theory and I’ve been thinking hard about other aspects within a story and I’ve made more graphs and charts and they are here: Convergence, seed and anchor theory. 34 more words


Stress Eval. Self Diagnosis

Keep Calm and Mommywife On they say.
Here’s the start of my refrigerator self diagnosis chart. What else would you add to yours? I don’t know why but anytime I’m furiously mad, I clean. 28 more words

Peer review: what it is, what it isn't, and some charts to support instruction

I snapped these photos quickly last night, during one of our workshop sessions.

When writers speak to what makes our community different from other groups they’ve written with, they almost always mention the way that our peer review protocol shapes Studio culture. 166 more words