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The Intelligence Brief - Week of Oct. 12

In this week’s briefs: Recently released documents, some just declassified, give us a behind-the-scenes look at the thinking and arguments that preceded the move to turn drones from aerial reconnaissance platforms into deadly missile launchers. 224 more words

The Intelligence Brief - Week of Sept. 30

In this week’s briefs, the Intelligence Community’s eternal dilemma: Sharing clandestinely acquired information in ways that people who can make fruitful use of it can get to it, but not spreading it so widely as to increase the risk of leaks. 246 more words

The Intelligence Brief — Week of Sept. 23

In this week’s briefs: A convicted spy offers his idea as to why counterintelligence teams at the CIA, where he was an intelligence officer, did not become suspicious even when he began spending more money could be explained given his salary. 262 more words

Almost Equal: U.S. Military Three Years After 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'

On Sept. 20, 2011, the United States military did away with its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and began allowing gay and lesbian military people to serve openly. 702 more words


The Intelligence Brief -- Week of Sept. 16

In this week’s briefs: A look back at how America’s founding fathers were also its founding spy chiefs. We examine how a form of conversation most of us use in our own lives every day is a key form of spy tradecraft. 246 more words