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If you are a photographer, and you have never been chased out of a paddock by a bull, your really not trying hard enough!

Sunday Shorts Exclusive: A Gifted update! Plus find out about Purryburry's new short film

Written by Ryan Unicomb (Co-writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer):

So as you know we’re deep into post-­‐production on Gifted, our short superhero drama film starring David Breen, Rachel Gobel & Cameron Robbie  that wrapped production about 5 months ago. 1,041 more words



Now honestly, there was a lot of stuff going on before this I think. I remember being in the woods, being in the shed, but I don’t really remember when or why or any details, so…. 1,278 more words


I Shouldn't Be Here

* Disclaimer – This is not an emo post. It is just a transcript of a nightmare that caught me out last night!


                I hear a door click shut behind me, I turn my head and see only a dark expanse. 1,163 more words


A wild coyote appears! Tucson residents are frightened

TUSCON, Arizona (KVOA) – Coyote sightings in Tucson, Arizona seem to be getting more and more common but Thursday’s run-in was downright dangerous especially for those like Bobby Rabert walking through Himmel Park. 108 more words


Chased by the Multitudes

“And seeing the multitudes…”

- Matthew 5:1 -

Do you ever feel…chased?

About to pop for one minute of stillness? One blessed second without voices asking for favors, more tasks added to the to-do list, another job arriving in your inbox?

1,080 more words