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Rv. Pastor joshua ngwuta chased with gun out of his pastor’s ornage in assemblies of God church, amagu-onicha, abakaliki during the 2011 election. Reply with your comments to get the full story.


Raging Bull

(Details are a bit hazy)
I was helping dad up the top of the garden to hang a new 5 bar gate when he announced that hes bought a new bull and once we hung the gate we were to open the stock box and let him out into his new pen. 61 more words


Who let the dogs in?


I’m not a dog fan, generally, though I’ve met a few who pass the ‘yeah I’m happy to spend time with you’ test.

My favorite dog was my cousin’s dog, Misty (fact, 90% of Australian Dogs are called Misty!), who is also one of the few dogs I saw get hit by a car. 91 more words


If you are a photographer, and you have never been chased out of a paddock by a bull, your really not trying hard enough!

Sunday Shorts Exclusive: A Gifted update! Plus find out about Purryburry's new short film

Written by Ryan Unicomb (Co-writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer):

So as you know we’re deep into post-­‐production on Gifted, our short superhero drama film starring David Breen, Rachel Gobel & Cameron Robbie  that wrapped production about 5 months ago. 1,041 more words