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A rabid coyote appears! Tuscon residents are frightened

TUSCON, Arizona (KVOA) – Coyote sightings in Tucson, Arizona seem to be getting more and more common but Thursday’s run-in was downright dangerous especially for those like Bobby Rabert walking through Himmel Park. 108 more words


Chased by the Multitudes

“And seeing the multitudes…”

- Matthew 5:1 -

Do you ever feel…chased?

About to pop for one minute of stillness? One blessed second without voices asking for favors, more tasks added to the to-do list, another job arriving in your inbox?

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7-3-2014 | Dream Fragments | An Older Man Getting Chased | A Quicksand-Like Sleeping Cycle Of Age Of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

I will try to type my dreams quickly because I forgot most of them and my memory of the rest have been quickly fading this morning as I focused on other things, but the main reasons that I can not remember most of my dreams is because I did not voice record them and I got caught in a quicksand-like… 387 more words


Demented Dream

The damnable dream kept tormenting me … chased through a big old house, clothes ripped off, humiliated in a hundred ways, tor­tured with hurtful sex … running, hiding … found by a hooded man … shot … the back of my head chipped off, blood seeping … leg torn open … 237 more words



It was the size of a large bird, at least. Okay, maybe not exactly that big. A small bird though, or just slightly smaller. And it chased me into the house. 278 more words