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He would spend a lot of time at cafes and parks. Cafes — to disappear behind a newspaper and pretend to be reading, when he would actually be eavesdropping; parks — to take walks, sometimes light jogs or watch people or simply to take in the open space. 284 more words

Flash Fiction

Rembrandt, Morris, Ming & Co.

I’ve been busy with cultural activities over the past two weeks, all in London, so apologies to anyone reading this who doesn’t have easy access to the galleries I mention. 514 more words


Guest Blog: The Walking Dead from Chaucer to Game of Thrones

By William Gosline

Like any true genius, Robert Kirkman ‘steals’. In his situation, not to do so would be foolish.

As the principal show-runner of one of the most popular programs on cable television, Kirkman has the considerable resources of the Entertainment industry at his disposal. 1,310 more words


"The Clerk's Tale" by Geoffrey Chaucer


When a beloved marquis’s people come to him and request that he marry in order to secure his line, he agrees with only one condition: he will choose his wife himself.  564 more words


The Devil in Cardiff by Patience Agbabi

Do you know a Robbo? That lovable rogue or thieving toerag (depending on your point of contact with him) who lives down the road but has a second home at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. 934 more words


Year 13 - Chaucer - Link to Resources

This is an excellent site for early English literature in general (through 1700’s); includes links to text, essays about each tale and more, life, study notes for a number of the tales. 11 more words