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The Canterbury Tales scarefest: The Terrible Tales

By Rachel Leach 

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Back by popular demand, The Terrible Tales Halloween event opens today (October 24) at The Canterbury Tales visitor attraction. 312 more words


Poem 21) 'Lament For The Makers' - William Dunbar

 Timor mortis conturbat me: the fear of death disturbs me.

I that in heill was and gladness
Am trublit now with great sickness
And feblit with infirmitie:– 547 more words



A busy week.  The busiest of 2014, actually.

A fairly normal Monday.  Tuesday I tried a book group.  Should I have been an English teacher?  Maybe. 702 more words


Possible Connection between Chaucer’s work to the Arab Golden Age

As a Muslim I am interested in studying the Arab Golden age because I feel that it is part of my identity and I know that many of the inventions of that age have heavily influenced the West today.For example during my years at school I was never keen on Maths, in fact when I started learning Algebra in year 9 I told myself that if Maths was a person then I would punch them in the face. 899 more words

Tragedy - When you loose control and you got no soul. It's tragedy.

The Bee Gees, perhaps the greatest philosophers of our time, knew tragedy. So did Chaucer, when he wrote in the Prologue of the Monk’s Tale… 422 more words

Literary Criticism

Travel advice from my mentor, the Wife of Bath

My blogging name, The Wife of Bath, has become a kind of secret handshake with English lit nerds.  One of my readers commented “I saw your WOB handle and I just had to follow.  850 more words


In which there are (inappropriate) references

We’ve been studying Troilus and Criseyde for the past couple of weeks in my Chaucer seminar. My thoughts so far? Troilus SUCKS! I mean, I like my angst as much as the next fangirl, but holy laughing skulls is he making Twilight’s characters seem proactive! 174 more words