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30,000 Years Lost, 20 Years Found

Twenty years ago this month, archeologists discovered Cave de Chauvet Pont d’Arc in southern France, with paintings more than 30,000 years old. Scientists from around the world have digitally mapped the cave, built raised walkways above its floor, and established protocols that limit access to 12 people for eight hours during two 15-day periods each year. 831 more words


Travelling 36,000 years underground in France's Chauvet cave

For tens of thousands of years, time stopped in the cave nestled deep in a limestone cliff that hangs over the lush, meandering Ardeche River, until it was discovered in 1994 by a group of cave experts.

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Homo Spiritualis

 This is a fascinating documentary on the beautiful upper paleolithic paintings of the Chauvet cave 30,000 years ago. Well-preserved, extensive, and awe-inspiring; the cave has been closed to the public for several years to avoid contamination and eventual, gradual disintegration by human presence.

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Kim Stanley Robinson talks Basques, backpacking and his new novel Shaman in Phoenix

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