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All women sleep around.

The title says it all. All women sleep around. That is an obvious fact. They all sleep around, they’re all the same. There are no women who don’t sleep around. 226 more words


All women smoke.

This is a tedious fact that a lot of men seem to be in denial about. The fact that all women smoke. If you have ever set foot outside your house (I’m assuming you have) then you will know this. 190 more words


All women do drugs.

Anyone who is over the age of 3 years old and with more than one brain cell will know that all women do drugs. Every single one of them. 227 more words


Pop Quiz -- a short story

Pop Quiz — a short story

She sat down next to me at the bar. “Buy me a drink?”

Tall, raven hair, dark brows, natural blush, little or no makeup.  721 more words


Prince Chauvinist

Of all the Disney royalty
That I have had the chance to see
Cinderella would probably be
With whom the Prince would mingle.

For what is it a man must feel… 19 more words



In this new age the female has been granted equality with the male by the spiritual forces at large.


Unfortunately, most women don’t understand that to be truly equal both male and female must become Man (note the capital M – this denotes the spiritual state of Man, which is neither male or female) 185 more words