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It's Still A Man's World

Still. If you don’t get the balance of numbers right, in fact, even if you do, there is a potential and a tendency for girls in a mixed-sex group to get completely overlooked. 799 more words


The Slut, the Stud, the Sleaze, and the Shame : 5 Slut-shaming Fallacies

Slut shaming is the deplorable act of eroding the human honour of a promiscuous and sexually active woman by insisting that she’s eroded her feminine (virginal) honour. 971 more words

Diamonds are a girl's best friend: baseball edition

I don’t ordinarily refer to myself as a “feminist,” but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the final frontier of the patriarchy, the inner sanctum of masculine privilege : being a fan of professional sports. 1,158 more words


Your boss is a pervert weirdo

Well, this seems to happen far too many times. Then again sometimes I do wonder why I’ve been employed when it has been clearly stated that I have no experience in the area. 391 more words


Acid Attacks/ Ataques con Ácido

A cheap and cowardly way to try to destroy someone´s life, throwing acid at a victims face, has become a familiar story in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 1,043 more words



I finally heard from my union rep on Wednesday, after leaving a nasty message on his answering service that morning. He told me to go ahead and file for unemployment, a little bit of advice I could have used a month ago. 1,003 more words

The Bystander Chauvinist And Me

The men I know, are not likely to murder their unborn babies in the womb for being female. They will probably not set their wives on fire for not bringing in dowry. 831 more words