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Che Guevara defended animal space flight

This article is republished from an eBook series that has been made freely available.

By Jon Hochschartner

In late 1957, in the midst of the Cuban revolution, the iconic revolutionary Che Guevara defended the Soviet Union’s plan to launch a homeless dog found on the streets of Moscow into space, on a flight in which there was no possibility of survival. 570 more words

“A Revolutionary Parable about Redemption through Sacrifice(s)”

Che` Guevara, Playa Giron and Social Justice

“A Revolutionary Parable about Redemption through Sacrifice(s)”

By Peter C. Coker

 Increasingly — especially in the last five or six years – I awaken to discover that overnight, the earth’s axis has been nudged-over a half-a-degree or so, to a “Bizzaro” world-order. 3,249 more words


Creative Idealism : The Need for A Push Towards Individualism

Original Article written for TEDxKEA (TED talks) : This is the elongated version


“The human race is the most stupid and unfair kind of race. A lot of the runners don’t even get decent sneakers or clean drinking water. 1,719 more words


How Che's Iconic Photograph Became Famous


Very few photographs have shaped the world as has the timeless snapshot of Che Guevera taken by photographer Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, known as Korda on March 4, 1960. 2,757 more words

Flags, Revolutionaries, and Soccer Stars

Rosario.  Once a bit of a forgotten step child, the boom times are back and for good reason.  Home to the Argentinian flag, revolutionary Che Guevara, soccer start Lionel Messi, not to mention the Rio Parana delta and some of the best river fish you might ever taste, Rosario was well worth the visit.   409 more words


The Death of a Teenage Guerrilla Fighter: Chile 1985

A few days ago I visited the Museum of Memory in Santiago de Chile. It’s really difficult to put into words what I felt on seeing all that evidence of the inhumanity of humanity towards each other and I’m not going to try here. 1,488 more words

La muerte de un joven guerrillero: Chile, 1985

Hace unos días visité al Museo de la Memoria en Santiago de Chile. Es realmente difícil poner en palabras lo que uno siente al ver tanta evidencia de la inhumanidad de los seres humanos hacia el otro y no lo voy a hacer aquí, pues mi incapacidad de articular adecuadamente estos sentimientos se me carga mi propia conciencia, especialmente cuando hoy en día se siguen haciendo atrocidades semejantes en muchas partes del mundo. 1,342 more words