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The Death of a Teenage Guerrilla Fighter: Chile 1985

A few days ago I visited the Museum of Memory in Santiago de Chile. It’s really difficult to put into words what I felt on seeing all that evidence of the inhumanity of humanity towards each other and I’m not going to try here. 1,480 more words

La muerte de un joven guerrillero: Chile, 1985

Hace unos días visité al Museo de la Memoria en Santiago de Chile. Es realmente difícil poner en palabras lo que uno siente al ver tanta evidencia de la inhumanidad de los seres humanos hacia el otro y no lo voy a hacer aquí, pues mi incapacidad de articular adecuadamente estos sentimientos se me carga mi propia conciencia, especialmente cuando hoy en día se siguen haciendo atrocidades semejantes en muchas partes del mundo. 1,342 more words

Who, when?


About 60kms west of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the Andean foothills is Samaipata. It’s on the tourist track for some and can be visited easily by bus or even taxi. 59 more words


El Che

His legacy brings various aspects of controversy. His revolutionary battles, his ruthless, and yet, his sincere idealism to fight injustice and promote freedom for all. 30 more words


Wall mural in Caracas, Venezuela.

A wall mural, outside to the Central University, in Caracas, Venezuela. The paint shows as a central figure Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the argentinian-cuban revolutionary. Also other figures like Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Frida Kahlo, Gandhi or the “Sub-commander” Marcos.


Messed Up Kids...

The Sex Pistols arrived on the music scene like a breath of fresh air, or the kind of fresh air you’d find in a cloud of smoke and downpour of beer, anyway. 1,021 more words