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Cheap Jewelry Decorates Women’s Wardrobe

As a woman who likes dressing up yourself, you must have lots of beautiful clothes in your wardrobe. Most of women all realized that it is essential to match some jewelry for clothing in order to make the overall modeling more perfect. 220 more words

Women Jewelry

Use Rubber Bracelet Making Kit to Make Colorful Bracelets

Have you ever tried to make some ornaments for yourself? If you ever do that, you would experience the joy of DIY. You can image that your friends speak highly of your bracelet made by yourself owing to the exquisite workmanship, which can meet your vanity to a certain degree. 244 more words


Artisanal Jewelry by Wild Air & Co.

Wild Air & Co. is one of my most recent and priced discoveries. This jewelry brand is still small (they still only have a Facebook page from what I’ve seen) but with a bright future ahead of them, I know it because they are really talented. 73 more words


Jewellery from 3000 Egypt towards the 21St-Century


Platinum jewelry’s use could be old back once again to 3000 BC. Platinum was the most well-liked steel regarding jewelry-making during times that are historic. 312 more words

Jewellery Care Guidelines

The full time if we are able to manage to our majority are likely to personal a minumum of one bit of jewelry that is expensive if it’s a gemstone necklace which is very important to look after your valuable bit of jewellery. 301 more words

Wearing Rules Should Know to Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents

No matter how the emotions between you and your boyfriend, something about the wedding, the parents should be the key point. So when you meet his parents, leave a good impression is of significant. 295 more words

Women Jewelry