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Money is a drug!

Day 3, and I’m exhausted!

Having been to bed at 10.30pm the night before and sleeping through to 7.30am, you would assume I would have been full of beans today. 426 more words

Cheap Living

The Taste of Free Fish Pie?

Bloody lovely!

I’m not planning on getting through this period of my life by scrounging off others, but if the offer arising, then yes I’m going to take it! 290 more words

Cheap Living

These will be everywhere one day

I’ve been seeing a lot more articles like this one recently and it’s great. So many people taking charge of their lives and getting back to basic with these much cheaper options for living. 70 more words


Eating Healthy does NOT mean Eating Expensive!

Hey, hey, hey!!

So today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, I usually only see her at holidays and parties really.We started talking about how every time she sees me, I seem to have lost weight, or just look fitter in general, asked me if my “body transformation” was only by exercising? 588 more words


Young White Male Sabotages System, Refuses Debt Slavery, Gets Debt-Free College Degree

Ken Ilgunas had gone deep in debt to obtain his first college degree, so when he paid that debt off through hard work and sacrifice, he decided no more debt for him. 181 more words