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An easy meal.

Buy already made hot chile, or mix chile with carne with jalapenos and green chile peppers chopped to get a spicy and hot sauce.

Serve hot on a barbecued burgher with toasted buns, sprinkle with cheddar cheese. 32 more words

Cheap Living

Starting Tomatoes From Seed Saves A Lot of Money

This year, I will admit, I got a little carried away with starting seedlings.

I started lots of herbs, flowers, grapes (from cuttings), peppers and tomatoes. 329 more words

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Dutch baby breakfast

If you are low on sugar or need energy in the morning, this is the breakfast for you:

-5 large eggs
-1 cup of flour… 44 more words

Cheap Living

Janet bread and focaccia

Here we have our homemade breads, we often do so because most of bread we buy at stores, gives me heartburn, probably some of the ingredients, or the bleached flour, if not the GMO flours themselves. 118 more words

Cheap Living

Pancakes for breakfast, love them.

Those are too trivial to post a recipe, and the ready mix is too cheap to make convenient making them from scratch, but are delicious, fast to prepare and cheap, word I love.

Cheap Living

Homemade piedmontese bagnet verd

Just in case, this goes well on roast beef and swine, chicken, baked peppers, even eggs halves (like filling for devil-like eggs,) and baked roma plum tomatoes halves: 144 more words

Cheap Living

Homemade cream cheese

This one is a trick I did not know, my partner is as parsimonious as me, anyhow who would have guessed (not me, but she is a quarter Belgian, that may explain,) that poring one quart gallon of milk in a cheese cloth inside a two gallon pan, and adding a couple of spoons of salt and a cup (8 ounces,) of vinegar, would make cream cheese ? 61 more words

Cheap Living