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The Accessorize Bejewelled palette, a dupe for the Urban Decay Electric Palette?

Whilst out shopping a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this palette whilst I was paying for some goodies in Accessorize. I picked it up out of curiosity as I had no idea that Accessorize sold make up. 263 more words


A broken finger and other changes

It’s all change at Tight Fisted Studios.  First of all, I made the decision to learn about portrait photography with artificial light and a digital camera – I excavated my poor old neglected Sony A200 DSLR from a dark cupboard, and decided to revamp it a bit .   342 more words


New Stuff !!

The post office unloaded a few things on me yesterday that I have been waiting for. As you have probably figured out by now, in order to find good deals, I buy a lot of stuff off the Internet. 1,637 more words

ALL The Regular Posted Stuff

Free internet feels like it should be a basic human right

Except the Fairmont hotels disagree with me.

Why is it in my entire trip from New York to Boston the only place that wasn’t public transit  143 more words


Confessions of a Broke College Kid --- Let's Talk Textbooks

Here’s the funny thing, I haven’t even started college yet and I’ve already made a few mistakes.  Now, if you’re gonna make mistakes in life you might as well use them to your benefit and learn from them.   390 more words


Freelance Favourites #1: Le Comptoir Générale

Working at home, it’s surprisingly easy to realise in a rare moment of clarity that I haven’t left the flat for three days.

Having substituted “conversation” for “somewhat hysterically announcing Buzzfeed gif-subtitles to an empty room,” it’s time to get out. 304 more words