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Emotional Abuse at its finest...

I’m not even sure I should be writing about this, because it could get me in trouble.. But I’m going to anyhow, because it’s really fucking me up.. 568 more words

update 3 "we like to think people can change"

thank you for keeping up with us and give us all the support and story

we learn from your story and enjoy reading them

we are not malicious people  or have malicious intent but he crossed the line by how he hurt those women for years and his attitude was rather careless toward those victim after being caught.(as we wrote with evidence in this site) 144 more words

David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

I genuinely hate when people lie, white lies … Okay I’ll let it slide but when you have to lie about a lie it just grinds me gears! 287 more words


I have many secrets. Far too many secrets. I lead a double life. Before I get too far into this, yes, I am a scum. Yes, I know this. 393 more words

Reality has hit us again...

This time, as I came home from work, I was thinking, maybe now that I have a few days I will be able to talk to K. 122 more words


Boy loses girl

It seems like this story repeats itself in every relationship I’m in. Girl falls in love. Boy loves girl too. Boy cheats on girl. Girl gets her heart broken. 633 more words