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kuma (koo-mah) – 熊 – “bear”

starting up on the dating site was a bit overwhelming. i’ve noticed now after trying a few sites that the first month is the busiest as a newcomer, and then the messages taper off after that. 584 more words


What does all this mean?

Hello follower Bloggers! 

    Wow, why did I just open my blog up with that? Haha. I can’t really say Good morning or afternoon/night because of the different time zones in the world. 623 more words

Land of Liars

As I have said before, this is my first job and maybe things shock me because I am getting used to the way the “life of an employee functions”. 765 more words

Emotional Cheating v Physical Cheating

Emotional Cheating: establishing an emotional connection, beyond just a friendship, with a person outside your relationship. Confiding in another person, spending unnecessary amounts of time interacting with that person, discussing personal topics with that person, and hiding this relationship, or the complexity of it, from your partner are all signs you’re in an emotional relationship with someone else. 358 more words


My ex couldnt ruin my meal

So you know how you have introduced your ex to new things like different cultures, the arts and different restaurants OTHER THAN applebees and the Dub C a.k.a White Castles and shit? 183 more words

The Truth