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Dearest Russ - Rise & Shine

My legs are shaking like a newborn colt.
Although I can appreciate being able to fall asleep after an amazing session, I think morning sex is the best. 55 more words

Dearest Russ

Dear Ex-husband (part 2)

Dear Ex-husband,

It has been 1,177 days since I asked you to leave our home. This was not because I no longer believed you were the man of my dreams. 574 more words


Letter to my Ex-Wife - Part 3

2nd July, 2014

It didn’t occur to you how this discovery broke my heart. It was like a knife cut. You couldn’t feel what I was going through. 218 more words


Letter to my Ex-Wife - Part 2

1st July, 2014

Dear Insensitive, Dishonest  Ex-Wife

It took me almost a year to realize that you were a selfish woman with no sense of morality. 289 more words


Letter to my Ex-Wife - Part 1

30th June, 2014

Dear Unfaithful, Unaffected Stone-Hearted Ex-Wife

I knew it long before I broke it to you. The secret little guide inside called gut had already waived a red flag. 412 more words


The Best Crusty French Bread (In Oklahoma)

I love making fresh bread.

Love it.

There is nothing like a loaf of fresh cinnamon bread, sliced toasted, and buttered to go with your morning coffee. 501 more words




There has been a post on Facebook from some mommy blogger going around. It has been shared numerous times by Facebook friends over the last month or two, so I finally read it. 554 more words