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Penpal cheater

The penpal cheater never thought she would find the love letters in his email account. He had been writing his father’s friend in Columbia as “a favor.” Well, actually his father’s student; a woman daddy believed to be a better fit for his son than his current South American girlfriend, my friend. 312 more words


Goodbye Earl

I always imagined that I’d spend this weekend on a cruise.

Or on the beach with a drink in my hand and a smile on my lips. 870 more words

Lonely Girl.

Why settle?

Do you prefer to be lonely with him than lonely without him?

Why allow him to partially fill you up, while he pours his entire being into her? 41 more words

You Are My Sunshine

I want to stay in bed for the next week and hide.

How’s that for the brave strong woman you all think I am? I want to pull the covers over my head and hide from everything. 826 more words

Another Day, Another Trigger...

I really should stop watching fucking game shows.

Last night on Family Feud, they asked this question: “Name a place where you would go to secretly meet someone.” 177 more words