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Georgie Porgy Does It Again

The pain welling up inside of me has no legitimacy.

Not when I chose to be ignorant to the sign splashed right before my oh-so-blind eyes, signs others seem to catch on to with little effort and I always, always struggle to decipher. 316 more words


Screw you, you narcissistic bastard..

Like I mentioned in my previous post.. today’s our would-be 4th anniversary. . And you send me this.. Is this all some kind of sick joke to you? 137 more words

Today is our would-be wedding anniversary. .

On April 30th, 2010 we had our civil wedding… 8 months later, on December 19th of 2010, we had a big church wedding and all our friends and family were there as we said our vows to one another before them , and before God. 204 more words

Cheating Yourself

I read a short story last night that focused on a young woman’s experience dating a married man. It was called “Dive Bar” by Katherine Heiny… 320 more words


The Musings of a Girl with a Cheating Father

        This topic is so sensitive and emotional for me to discuss but I figured there are other people past this screen who can relate to my experience. 493 more words


what goes around,comes around

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David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

This Thing Called Cheating

Cheating isn’t something new to any of us. Many have done it, many others are planning to. Your dear bae who gives you head ten times before dawn probably had a raunchy session with some loafer while you were at work. 682 more words

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