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Brady's NFL Career/Championships Should Contain Asterisk*

Tom Brady. A name I myself have gotten sick & tired of hearing over the last decade. But thanks to the “Ass Kissing” media, it’s a name we will continue to hear no matter what. 395 more words


To Rise: Emotion

To rise (Verb): To overcome situations despite challenges to be faced.

I wasn’t going to let this Darcy thing phase me. I’m stronger than that! I had to… 485 more words


Want him bad

I really like “Jack”. He’s cute, funny and …. So flirty. Trouble is that he has a girlfriend! She goes to my school, she doesn’t realize how lucky she is!
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I can't forgive my husband

Dear Team Tea and Morphine,

I’m having a difficult time forgiving my husband. A year ago he cheated on me with a filthy heinous piece of waste that had meticulously planned to seduce him BECAUSE SLUT IS HER FULL-TIME PROFESSION… I go to anger management classes, and a counsellor, and a Tai chi class to help me take control of my emotions. 551 more words


Erin Runyan the Unfaitful Cheater

Erin Runyan lied in a police report saying she ended her cheating with Simone Sasia in Jan of 2012, proof is in these messages. Erin Runyan told her child that she was just friends with Simon Sasia and that her daughters father was Making up the affair. 117 more words

Erin Lando

Your mind games and your girlfriend's mental breakdown..

So up until yesterday I thought you’d broken up with your girlfriend, because a few weeks ago, you told me you were having doubts about your relationship, and asked what “it would take” for me to want to give us another chance.. 965 more words