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Sticky Situations: Credit Card Caught Up

She’s been avoiding him for a few weeks now…no talks, no dinners, no nothing. He can’t think of anything else other than she found someone else. 75 more words


david devlin bozeman cheater evidence ( i made bad decisions,I'm human)

david devlin email to girlfriend after woman whom he had been having sex with emailed her and telling about she had been seeing him and having sex with him also. 45 more words

David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

Dearest Russ - Bit by Karma

I had a really good evening. I woke up and felt like my self-confidence was returning. In fact, I decided to go to work with my hair naturally curly. 162 more words

Dearest Russ

david devlin bozeman cheater evidence (email to his sex partner)

david devlin email to his sex partner that he does not have any relationship to another woman(his girlfriend) while she asks him to be truthful many times.   46 more words

David Devlin In Bozeman Is A Cheater

Main Squeeze Monday: Rules Of The Game To Play The Other Side

Salute to all the main squeezes & the men that only entertain only 1 woman at a time, but let’s be 100 with it & talk about a growing trend on the flip side of the coin. 136 more words