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Why Are People in EMPTY Relationships????

Trying to understand other people’s relationships,
their motivations, why they stay, why they settle,
why they are with one person when their eyes are all over another. 401 more words


I found a blog of a man who cheated on his wife and read it yesterday.

It could have been wrote by my husband (grammar errors and all). 199 more words

Medal Of Honor cheaters or working for the developers?

So, i played a lil mohaa black ops and realized it’s time to yet again abandon a fun fps multiplayer game because of the boring cheaters who is playing on the servers now, maybe they even get payed to do this to force ppl to buy the newest games etc since they don’t seem to get banned, just thoughts again :)…

Letters from Cheaters

Part of a bigger project called THE LETTERS PROJECT, the LETTERS FROM CHEATERS blog is a collection of reader submitted stories about being unfaithful. The project has since closed, so you’re out of luck if you were looking to submit your own, but you can still read past submissions. 20 more words

Odds & Ends

What's a w-hore

That moment when a girl cheats on her boyfriend with a girl. How sad would you be if you were that guy :D so everyone finds out and looking at the two girls, you know it’s true. 48 more words

Guilty Pleasure TV

We all have a few guilty pleasures. I have several, from putting anything possible in a sandwich – I’m including pasta in that – to secretly enjoying crap television. 1,508 more words