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Posers vs Haters

Which is worse, posers or haters?
Have I mentioned that I’ve only had guy friends?

I know I promised a wishlist, but it felt a little bit more narcissistic than usual, so I’ll write about friends from college. 426 more words


Tales From The Female Cheaters Part 1

via Nerdatcooltable.com

These posts are strictly to make men paranoid. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Make sure your queen is happy breh…..or see’ll be sending us a email. 1,103 more words


chinese aiyo!

went to a chinese restaurant. just went along with their idea of me as chinese.

its funny how suddenly they are all like Madam madam anything else you want madam. 40 more words

Real life? or Instafame Stunt?

 Is it safe to say there are soo many levels to disrespect in 2014. Honestly my thoughts on this is these chicks will do any thing or better yet anyone to get famous. 75 more words


2 Sentence Stories: Cheaters

2 Sentence Stories
by UncertainlySad

James was a gamer, so he thought he could cheat on his girlfriend.

But she found out, now its game over for him.


The Top 20 Names of Women Who CHEAT

I can confirm that I’ve been cheated on by a girl who has her name on this list… it’s okay though, you guys, because I heard she’s got the herp. 113 more words


Neighbourhood affairs: Where the cheaters are in Toronto

Where the cheaters are in Toronto

They handle your investments, run your favourite restaurants and hang out in the same country clubs lurking in the shadows (or high class luxury suites) stealing kisses and lying about it like school kids in love. 391 more words