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Where is My Happily Ever After?

Have you ever been cheated on? I don’t mean in a walk-in-on-your-significant other-having-sex-with-someone-else kind of way, but found out he had been on dating sites during your relationship and he later admitted to sexting other women? 534 more words

The Seven Day Love Detox Guide


So here you are at the dreaded cross road. Your prince was just a toad and you found out by begging him to be honest, stealing his cell phone and borrowing wisdom from the latest edition of Cosmopolitan. 2,415 more words


Text Message Nightmare

It’s three in the morning and I awake to find a message, three messages to be exact, from the married guy. I go back to sleep, but when I wake up my heart is racing and I’m upset. 269 more words


We have instant messaging (IM for short) at work. It’s used to connect the employees and get instant answers during the work day. It is of course used for personnel reasons throughout the day. 1,168 more words

The Main Reason People Cheat On Their Spouse Is . . .

If you find out your husband or wife is cheating on you, you’ll be DEVASTATED . . . and then, when that passes, you’ll start trying to figure out the reason WHY.  97 more words

Mix 94.1

Increase in Cheating; Domestic Violence and Declining Family Systems

I have been having a repeating dream about an increase in cheating in our society like never before and the declining state of the family/marriages.  I believe marriage/relationship statistics involving cheaters will increase and continue to increase.   1,158 more words