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Tonight you told me

You were going away.

You didn’t really leave me

All that much to say.

We didn’t discuss it… 272 more words


Is it still January?

I can’t believe it’s still January… I’m not one for wishing the time away but my goodness this month has gone on!

Besides my weekly “thought of the day” post, my blog has been pretty quiet, which in way I am quite pleased about as it means that my head has been clearer. 394 more words


no need to be positive

The other day, I posted about the power of positive thinking. Which I completely agree with. However, I believe there are stages we have to go through to get to that point. 189 more words


5 reasons why cheating seems to be the new norm.

What’s the deal here? Doesn’t it seem as though everybody is cheating, or has been cheated on recently? We all have that friend, sat at home right now, with Ben and Jerry drowning her sorrows. 787 more words


Spirit Explains Why Men And Women React Differently To Cheating

Our relationship expert, Spirit, joined “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to answer all our relationship questions. The most common problem we often hear about in relationships is cheating. 72 more words

The Black Beat

The WWE Has Some Cheating Advice For The New England Patriots Ahead of Super Bowl 49

As a WWE fan and New England Patriots anti fan this is the best possible video the WWE could have made. Pro wrestling haters only usual argument is that wrestling is fake and fixed, but in a lot of instances, other sports seem more fixed than pro wrestling. 120 more words

Jenna Jaghe 2nd edition

Halfway through second edition. Here is the synopsis so far, so for those who haven’t read the first edition just yet there are spoiler alerts in this so don’t read. 180 more words