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The "other woman"?

This gave me a big ole slap of reality.. A hurt filled reality. Though I will say, I do indeed have myself convinced that I am NOT the “other woman”. 212 more words

Social Unrest / Cheating / The Glory Days

“With the recent social unrest in the US (ie- Ferguson and the Garner case) do you feel personally affected by the headlines and discussions, and is that position colored by your own ethnicity or heritage?  689 more words

Blog Roulette

An Open Letter to my Ex-Husband


Today is our sons 4th birthday. This should be a day you remember, even though you were busy trying to balance me your wife, your girlfriend Ali and our new son.   615 more words



I mentioned a few posts back that I am having a tough time believing that J has given me the whole truth. Based on comments from other Betrayed Spouses, I know that this is a common struggle in trying to navigate the post D-Day mess. 440 more words


Vacation Shadenfreude

Strangely, or not, I find I am inexplicably drawn to and fascinated by

The guilty pleasures of watching daytime Schadenfreude programs

I can’t help but loudly and laughingly call out the confessing cheaters… 133 more words


I don't understand....

Why does he insist on being so hurtful all the time? Yesteray was really rough I had the day off and planned on going to lunch with my husband. 361 more words