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Today's Word is... TURMOIL

*Opens Pandora*

Two of my bishes in the club….and I know they know about each other.

*skips track*

We’d be in the same room
We don’t ever say shit… 598 more words


Some Randomness

These are some excerpts taken from my notes.

Had a thought. Can never send him dirty or provocative pictures of myself again.

*sigh* This addiction really changes everything.

672 more words

A little bit of history.... Part 1

I questioned where this history should start, and i guess i should start at the beginning. or more correctly what i feel is the beginning. 336 more words

Divorce & Seperation

A-to-Z Challenge - The Letter T

Two arcs in time
Trust massacred
Thoughts twisted

True sTori: Blagh!

I am going to come out and say it. Tori Spelling is the WORST.

Yes I know those are fighting words especially when we live in a world with this: 418 more words

And Not A Single F--- Was Given

Survived the bang, going out with a whimper.

What am I supposed to think when one week he is fighting to keep me and the next week life throws us this huge curve ball that makes everything fizzle out. 150 more words


Feelings ON/OFF-switch install failed

Being a BPD sufferer is bad enough. Having insecurities on top of all that? Well now that is just like sprinkling castor sugar on top of a double chocolate cake’s butter icing. 297 more words