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Everytime I think it’s ok,
Something comes and slaps me in my face.
You turn it against me and act like I’m at fault,
When you’re the one being shady. 135 more words

ArcheAge Bots are finally Available

Ever since the release of Archeage we all have been waiting for the first bots to be released and us finally being able to outsource our farming efforts to our dear, beloved and loyal Robot friends. 87 more words

On Community

This week, I had a surprisingly honest conversation with my students about the attitudes toward academic integrity in Tajikistan and the U.S. During the conversation, students said that even though cheating was wrong, they wanted to help their friends who were less prepared. 653 more words


Dear My Future Crush/Boyfriend...

When I’m writing a new blog post, I don’t make myself think of something on the spot. It’s something that I think about in the back of my mind for a while, until I think that it’s actually good enough to post online. 885 more words


Continuing My Story: Remember, Remember 5th of November....

The Hospital Visit

This is a difficult one to write. One action sparked a chain of events that just spiralled out of control. Every sordid detail is etched in my memory even exact times and dates. 1,672 more words


The Clawson fallout: how Cat and Lawson's Big Brother romance makes for gruelling television

History repeating itself on reality TV is not generally what producers look for. The idea is to serve up something different with each season, with new contestants trying to stand out to win. 421 more words


Just A Week Away

John has been deployed since mid-August, and I feel insanely guilty because I haven’t missed him. The stress, drama, and lies, it’s all just so much to handle. 1,488 more words