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College Bucket List

For any of you that are still in college or might be there in a few years, here are few things that I am challenging myself to do my senior year. 20 more words

Bucket List

Wedding plan checklist

It’s less than a year until my wedding day now and while I have a fair idea of what I should be doing – when I should be doing it is another issue altogether. 886 more words


How many species of bird are there?

The short answer is, more than last week!

BirdLife International has been working with Lynx Edicions on the production of the Handbook of the Birds of the World/BirdLife Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World, which will become the taxonomic standard that underpins BirdLife’s work.

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BirdLife International

ESL: CS Checklist for Listening-Based Speech


  • Opinion statement contains all keywords and is clear = 3 pts.
  • Opinion statement is clear but does NOT contain all keywords = 2 pts.
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Morning Person, anyone?

Early bird gets the worm? Not in my house.

I think we can all agree, most mornings are hectic. The kids need help getting ready, lunches need to be made, *I* need to get ready, we all need to eat breakfast, not to mention the little meltdowns and side drama which seem to be inevitable. 365 more words


Inspiration for happy life- 30 things I've learned by Nick Crocker

Sometimes it’s useful to read posts like one. Nothing in it is new, but it’s a list of principles of someone who lives a happy life (or strives to) and hence it’s helpful. 270 more words


A buyers' market: Selling unwanted stuff

The big dilemma when moving house is: how much should I take, and how much should I get rid of? When moving continents, the question is magnified. 1,411 more words