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25 Days of Christmas Records - Day 11

Various Artists – Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time, Volume VI: Christmas

And now for something completely different: the larch. Oh, sorry, I meant to say Christmas novelty songs! 928 more words

Holiday Music

My Favorite Christmas Songs #10

“Santa Claus and His Old Lady,” Cheech and Chong, 1971

Our two favorite high guys present a more, shall I say, ‘urban’ take on Santa’s origin as Cheech tries to explain him to Chong with hilarious results.   29 more words


a/k/a Tommy Chong

I was never a huge Cheech and Chong fan. When I was very young, I liked them quite a bit for their outrageousness, but by the time they started doing movies my tastes in humor had changed (grown up?) to where I would have given their material only a middling rating, so I never watched the movies. 1,501 more words


Comedy on Vinyl - Cheech and Chong Pt. 2

Yesterday I left you with a clip from our dynamic duo’s first vinyl experience. The way Vietnam played out you might think Francis Ford Coppola based most of Apocalypse Now on Cheech and Chong rather than Joseph Conrad. 406 more words

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Comedy on Vinyl - Cheech and Chong

They rose from the ashes of small jobs to share pipe dreams. Rolled into Calgary looking for that big hit and soon made a joint effort to reach the highest of highs. 455 more words

Album Reviews

Tommy Chong Talks 'Dancing With The Stars' And Possible 'Cheech And Chong' Movie

Tommy Chong, a member of the famous comic duo Cheech and Chong, recently spoke with the WOGL Breakfast Club to discuss his time on Dancing With The Stars,  232 more words


"Cheech & Chong's Next Movie" (1980) dir. Tommy Chong

In honor of the “Dumb and Dumber” sequel being released this weekend, I thought I would give a shout-out to the original “Dumb and Dumber” duo, Cheech & Chong.  228 more words