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colour around the garden

Feeling a little glum last week through two days of grey and rain, the sun came out so I decided to look for some colour in the garden to cheer me up. 845 more words



I love happy faces and I love smiling to anyone and everyone I see along the way everywhere and anywhere. Be it an old furious looking lady, an old man, a crying little kid, that moody lady, that stuck up guy, that foreign worker by the road side, that maid whose carrying so many bags, anyone! 391 more words

The Life I Live

Backstabbing Bastard - Sophie Russell

14 year old Sophie Russell writes her beautiful song about the deceiving Backstabbing Bastard. The talented 14 year old plays guitar, ukulele, harmonica, piano, and a shaker. 22 more words



Today the week began, and back we go to our offices and desks, with our complex lives full of complicated problems with confusing solutions. As adults, we live life with a critical and mature perspective that is tainted with concern and preoccupations. 193 more words

My Husband Knows How To Cheer Me Up

I was having a crappy day at work.

Dan: “Let’s go to Swiss Chalet for lunch.”

Suddenly all is right with the world. #‎swisschalet‬ Dan, you complete me. :)


15 ways to cheer yourself up

Lately, I’ve been down in the dumps.

Graduate life, for me and a majority of graduates, isn’t how we imagined. Whilst, yes I’m: healthy, have supportive family and friends, a 2:1 degree and currently a rent free roof over my head, my post-graduate life doesn’t consist of: an exciting writing job that buys me lots of shoes, my own apartment, my first little car, regular weekends away to European cities or a fridge full of Prosseco, so yeah, it’s not what I imagined and it’s kinda shit. 641 more words