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Go Ahead... Doubt Yourself!

Go ahead, be doubtful in you.

Your decisions, your ideas, your beliefs…


Doubt creates questions, questions create answers. Answers gain knowledge. Knowledge breeds confidence. 20 more words

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Post Holiday Blues

I’m back from my holidays! We landed late last night so I am super tired right now. It is grey and threatening rain in Dublin and I’m on my way into work. 186 more words

Cheer Up!! Family Firsts

When I am feeling down or am having a day where I can’t really get out of bed, I love to look at pictures of my, Jake, and Emma’s beginning and work my way to the present. 120 more words


Dare to Be
When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.
When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.

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Feeling Down? Feel Thou in, Cheer Up


If you maybe feeling down or disheartened, do not despair or dwell upon negative tendencies or procrastinate; rather seek to be attentive, diligent, prudent, resourceful, responsible, true and wise in carefully attending to what needs to be done truly; and yes, do remember to reflect upon and feel thou in, thy intuitiveness, thy higher self, seek to meditate and have faith, things will be well, God trusts in you, Trust in God as well, while of course doing what is needful well as well, God bless.

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