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A phone call can make you feel :) from :(

Yes, sometimes all it takes is a phone call and conversation with your loved one to make you the feel the king of the world…Oopss.. the ‘Princess’. 277 more words


My Promise to You (I'll Try My Best, Anyway :P)

I will always (try to :P ) be at 120% of sillehness to cheer you up when you’re down!

SMILE! You’re so much cuter when you do! :D :D :D


Just Everyday Things

Do you wish to be Invisible? Bad Idea, I would say

There are days in all our lives, when we wish to be Invisible. I guess today is that day for me. I’m feeling a desperate need to have some magical wand or gadget or something, that could make me invisible. 619 more words


Simple things to cheer up

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Everybody has days where they aren’t perfectly happy and cheerful. Perhaps you’re run down from work and exhaustion or you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 87 more words


Cheer Up

When you ought to be actively doing something,

but rather you just live passively doing nothing.

When life has your back against the wall,

that waiting and hoping are not calm at all. 111 more words

Cheer Up! The worst is yet to come... by Ila Garg

Title : Cheer up! The worst is yet to come…
Author : Ila Garg
Pages : 190
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Gargi Publishers

RATINGS : 380 more words