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Here's A More Realistic Holiday Newsletter

My friend was telling me about a bragging Christmas newsletter that she finally had to throw in the trash. It’s fun to read what friends and family are up to, but some of these newsletters are crafted so carefully that it sounds like this family is the next to Mary and Joseph in perfection. 276 more words


257. The Lone Ranger

Well, we could all use a little cheering up, I suppose. It’s the tail end of the year, and like the last hour of a party, there’s litter on the tables¬†and smoke in the air. 1,071 more words

1960's Life

Where have I been and where I look to be?

This time I am not going to blame procrastination to be the sole reason why I haven’t write a post for over a month. As many of you know, Christmas time is one of those times where it is basically hectically busy and crazy. 549 more words

Cheer Up

20 People Having a Worse Day Than You-ad

Having a bad day? Well cheer up! Because these people are probably having a way worse day than you!



#351 Funny Friends

Sometimes we just need some funny friends to cheer us up.

Yarn bombing cheer!

Here is a quick share of a story from the Beeb:


Knitters cheering up the gloomy grey days in my native England.

Maybe I should try a yarn bomb campaign here in extra grey Stockholm?   41 more words

Inspiration And Reflections

Gosh anxiety attacks suck.

So.. I’ve come to the conclusion that anxiety attacks are the root of all evil. They just suck. It also sucks when people don’t have them so when you tell then you’re having one they have no clue what that beholds. 197 more words