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Full house for 'Dancing with words'

The anthology by a group of writers attending a class in Portslade had it’s launch last night. A full house and very much a party atmosphere at  the Amnesty Book Shop in Sydney Street that hosted the event. 305 more words

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Autumnal pleasures


Writing, painting and puppetry are all creative, but sometimes I wonder if creating a garden over the last six years or setting up our allotment over the last three hasn’t been equally creative. 116 more words

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Over the hills and far away

Impressions of Southern Ireland



Little things please little minds, quick impressions in haiku poetry format 5-7-5 syllables based on this week’s travel journal – a brief visit to Southern Ireland… 71 more words

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A statue to honour Spike Milligan

At last a statue to honour Spike Milligan will be unveiled very soon at Stephens House.  What a wonderful tribute and thanks to The Finchley Society who are still raising the funds. 103 more words


Rudyard Kipling at Bateman's - loved it!

A wonderful place and in my view one of the most friendly National Trust houses we have visited.

Most of us know about Rudyard Kipling’s work which included The Jungle Book and Just So Stories, so what a privilege to have a chance to almost step into his shoes and walk round the house and garden that he loved. 683 more words

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Just a personal memory of Richard Attenborough

A film maker that got to the heart of how things really were. I only met him once on the set of the feature film ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ where he directed our marionettes. 69 more words

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An awful bank holiday

Had to find something to cheer up such a dull day


I’ve never been into soup and jam making but found myself  creating soup out of a giant courgette and a couple of tomatoes from the allotment.   48 more words

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