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Growing things puts a different perspective on life!

We created this garden six years ago, with many of the plants brought in pots from London. Oh dear those wicked salt sea winds.

Luckily it is south facing and sheltered by tall hedges, with frost covers for the camelias, the greenhouse to winter oleanders. 54 more words

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Redroaster hosts 'Pighog Plus' brilliant night for things poetical.

Old and young poets performed to a full house last night, beautifully compered by Michaela Ridgway. Faber’s Fergus Allen, Tommy Sissons and Gramski (from the Spoken Word) for two sets each, intersperced with the open micers. 362 more words

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Our allotment starts it's new season

Bit touch and go, was beginning to wonder if I would manage another season on the allotment. May not have mentioned I have three discs missing in my back, can mean  real pain.   137 more words

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Unruly hedge - get it chopped by someone else!

There comes a time when doing everything yourself becomes impossible or at very least an uphill battle, I’d like to include mopping the kitchen floor and polishing the parquet floor in the hall in the list! 252 more words

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Saltdean has a heart

Some people claim that Saltdean has no heart, but then they may not have seen the carpets of narcissi that greet everyone on arrival, or visited White Cliffs Cafe overlooking the beach. 412 more words

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What a splash!


The white cliffs between Saltdean and Rottingdean.

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