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More to wood than meets the eye.

I discovered the wood store in Circus Road on Saturday, full of re-cycled furniture, wood for sale and wonderful pieces of drift wood, sculptures in their own right. 119 more words

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Buttons, Beads and Printing Things.

Gone are the days when learning for life was a real option. When one could learn almost anything at a local education centre at modest cost. 231 more words

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Happiness can be in your own hands.

In the winter months it is relatively easy to become jaded but I believe that taking a hand in our own destiny will work wonders and increase the possibility of happiness. 810 more words

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A sort of Antiques Road Show without the hype.

It’s a family failing that we convince ourselves that an old saucer with a dragon design must be Ming. Or the  landscape in a battered frame was painted by a famous eighteenth century artist! 355 more words

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Calm after the storm . . .

where sheep may safely graze.



Bach’s music borrowed from the Wikapedia site and so very soothing.

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A good omen

There was a huge orange question mark in the sky at sunset the other day. Didn’t catch it on camera just watched until it faded away, leaving me with the thought that it was a good omen for 2015. 386 more words

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