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The Ten Most Relaxing Sounds in the World

 If you asked me to guess what people think is the most relaxing sound in the world, I’d go for something like a baby laughing, or a babbling brook.  132 more words


New Teaser! Check it out!

Stef Williams Argo Cheerleaders

JavaScript required to play Stef Williams Argo Cheerleaders.

Stay tuned for the full length video of Stef’s day choreographing for the Toronto Argonaut Cheerleaders!!

NEW ADDITION!!!! Cheer 101

We are sooo thrilled about our new classes at GA Tumble & Cheer…we are especially excited about Cheer 101!!  Come learn & perfect ALL you need to know to be the BEST Cheerleader EVER!!! 86 more words
Ellijay Cheer


     Being forced to try and make friends sucked. I had no other options than to befriend anyone who was willing, because I wasn’t exactly in a place to be picky. 1,063 more words


Workout Fever

So about one more week till i go school shopping. If you didnt know i have a few dance classes and my cheer training class. If im gonna go to college might as well have some fun. 30 more words


Busy Season

I say to myself, “Self, why are you awake again?  It’s one AM.  Starry nights, stars are bright.  Might make a wish, if I believed in that shit.” 1,025 more words