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Baby development checks: Pincer grips, Cheerios and a thousand more things to worry about.

Through our letterbox this morning arrived a very important document. It was the letter notifying us of our son’s 8-9 month health and development check. I had been eagerly awaiting this as he is already 9 months old and, you know, I think he’s pretty well developed. 1,408 more words


Breakfast… To skip or not to skip? by Chiqueta (Queta) Hyman

As with anything, there are always opposing views on the benefits of eating breakfast however, from my standpoint I am a big believer that breakfast is essential for an overall healthy diet. 442 more words

Fitness And Health

We were made to thrive.

When I watch Cheerios commercials I get a chuckle. It seems that the only thing I need to do for my heart health is consume a bowl of the stuff every morning.   173 more words

My Muse: What's On My Mind...

You've Come a Long Way Daddy

Do fathers matter? On the face of it the question is a preposterous one. You might as well be asking “Are friends important?” or “Who needs trees, anyway?” 1,031 more words

It's Snack Time!

It’s almost snack time around here.

My boys live for snack time. They act like I didn’t feed them a well-rounded breakfast, small snack and lunch just before. 232 more words

Kid Food

3 Ways Stories Improve Advertising

With all the noise that exists in the advertising world, marketers are tasked with not just spreading the message of their brand, but doing so in a way that stands out to consumers. 533 more words


TalentBank the third.

The third week in the TalentBank is well and truly under way. The two teams are going full throttle! The research is done, the plans are under way and the content is being gathered. 108 more words