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This week's supermarket sales

I don’t have any coupons to post, but I can tell you about some good deals this week:

Shufersal Sheli

Zoglobek frankfurter in bun for only 5 shekels.   181 more words


Honey Nut Cheerio Cake

Yes, there are Honey Nut flavored oats in this “cake”.  The ingredients include (besides the oats), peaches, baking mix, oatmeal, tapioca pudding, whipping cream, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and some sugar.   13 more words


Cheerios, yes please!

Yep that’s right, Pete loved cheerios so we found out yesterday afternoon.

Pete was hungry, well he wanted something to eat is probably more to the point. 58 more words


Cheery Saturday Morning

I drank a Cheerio in my green tea this morning. Starting my weekend off with a bang!


Cheerios: the American classic!

When we were in the States, Theo got to try Cheerios for the first time. He loved them! We took a little back with us to Germany in his snack cup holder, but we’re about to run out. 76 more words


Snack break

I think an early school dismissal is reason enough for me to take a break from the taxes and paper organizing! ( I promise a post will come soon about my paper progress) 234 more words


Honey Nutty Cheerio Bars - Homemade Treats & Snacking

Good day, evening, or morning to you!

I love a good cereal treat (i.e. Rice Krispies!) but was never allowed to eat my favorite sweets as a kid. 315 more words