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Can quinoa Cheerios save cereal sales at General Mills?

Six months after announcing a massive cost-cutting effort, which includes shutting down two factories in the US and laying off at least 700 other employees, executives at General Mills are surely looking forward to the end of 2014. 359 more words

The Princess and the Pea...

I have an embarrassing confession. Might as well make it here and see how many are actually listening.

I awoke at around 3 am. I was uncomfortable, The fact that I was pinned down, (a dog and a cat on one side, another larger cat holding down the covers on the other side,) only contributed to my need for relief.   168 more words


American Apparel Battles; Not So FedEx-cellent Earnings; Cheerie-Woes

Gone but not forgotten…

Dov Charney may be officially ousted from American Apparel but wouldn’t you know it…the former CEO, who was booted over a number of misconduct allegations,  still has more than a few friends left at the company he founded. 457 more words

Get this baby out of me!

We have all been there, right? Being almost 9 months pregnant is not as glorious as it may seem. It is so painful… in many ways. 422 more words


Now Coming to Your Morning Cereal Bowl: Quinoa

General Mills is launching a new brand of Cheerios that will include hints of quinoa, spelt and Kamut wheat, among other “ancient grains” that were once relegated to the organic aisle. 89 more words

General Mills Coming Out With "Ancient Grains" Cheerios Featuring Stuff Like Quinoa

It’s not just for health nuts anymore — grains like quinoa and spelt are now the norm, and General Mills wants to take advantage of that shift in consumers’ tastes with a new “Ancient Grains” Cheerios cereal that includes those ingredients, as well as other ingredients with funny names you used to never know. 154 more words

Fun Activity Puzzle Time!

Can you spot the winner of Cheerios’s “Win An Appearance On Star Trek: The Next Generation” contest in this picture?

Answer: It’s Denise Crosby! 23 more words