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The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria seriously has a lot to offer! We called this place a mini show ground – everything you need to spend the weekend with your family is here: food, drinks, a garden, kids area, wishing fountain, florist, bar? 369 more words


The BIG Burger

I love these homemade burgers and you can have them for lunch or dinner and they are great for the whole family ….

You Will Need - 209 more words


How To Have Roses In December: Smoked Cheddar Burgers on the Kettle Grill

A cool wind stirs, as the last of a golden light ebbs over the neighborhood roof tops, their silhouetted chimney stacks puffing contentedly against a pale, autumn sky. 827 more words

Mai e `ai at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

Mai e `ai – Come and eat

You got that right! Teddy’s Bigger Burgers surely invites meat lovers out there to try their big and juicy burgers. 345 more words


Food Viewing

Hello. How are you doing? Getting enough to eat? I sure hope so. Being hungry sucks. A little hunger is okay as long as it is not a regular event. 327 more words


Cheese-Stuffed Spiced Burgers

Taking inspiration from the amazing menu at Urban Burger (Exeter), I decided to create my own burgers: something I’ve never done before. After a little panicking and a whole lot of thinking the decision was made: cheese-stuffed spicy beef burgers.  436 more words

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