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Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Hey all! I’m happy to say that after a move and a couple of trips I’m finally back, set up in my new kitchen and ready to begin sharing recipes and stories with you all once again! 282 more words


Sharp White Cheddar and Buttermilk Ranch Mason Jar Salad

Sharp White Cheddar and Buttermilk Ranch Mason Jar Salad

Perfect for an on-the-go lunch, picnics and BBQ’s!

To check out the ingredients and materials needed to make this super easy and delish… 11 more words


Skewers of chicken and cheese, quick and nutritious dinner

Materials (8 skewers)

24 oregano actually leaves
250 h goat cheese, cut directly into 24 cubes involving 2 cm
a couple of chicken breasts cut directly into 2 cm cubes… 98 more words

Mildly Interesting Diary Entry #1

Ah it rained today! The monsoon season came really late this year. I wonder if it’s raining where you guys live?

Today I decided to head out–now this is a rare occasion cause I really do enjoy staying inside my little cocoon watching T.V shows. 282 more words

Chicken and Cheese

Elements (for four people):

1 prohibit
1 handful involving raisins
1/2 cucumber
1/2 roasting chicken cold
125 gary of manchego mozzarella dairy product curds
4 tomato vegetables… 118 more words

The Summer of George

The summer of George was a product of the Seinfeld series. His fiancée dies and he is going to have the time of his life that summer, doing whatever he intends to do. 175 more words


Aubergine Parmigiana (and new developments!)

I know I keep mentioning Glastonbury, but I couldn’t help but try and recreate this Nuts café dish.  There’s always the risk that what you’ll make won’t live up to the dish you’ve tasted, generally it’s nice in it’s own way but not the same, which is good enough to satisfy a craving for the most part. 176 more words