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2014-04-20 Snack

3 small croissants, 5 small Easter eggs, small samosa, small sausage, mushroom with cheese


Pizza Gaina

OK, confession: this is not a Cooking With Josh recipe. I made this one late last night, long after Josh went to bed, so that it would be ready for Easter morning. 446 more words

Sunday Art Fare

Wine and Cheese

Couldn’t load the page, but there’s the credit link.

Sunday Art Fare

Halloumi Cheese Spring Rolls

What else to do with Halloumi?

Because it lacks the melty softness of regular cheese, I have found it difficult to work with it other than to cut it into kebab squares or slice it into mushroom burgers. 514 more words

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[Passover in the Fridge] Quinoa Power Bites

I had this recipe on Pinterest for the longest time to save for later. Since it featured quinoa and was (almost) kosher for Passover, I figured now was the perfect time to make them! 163 more words

Main Course

Crock Pot Cheese Pie

I wondered at the name ‘cheese pie’ until I had made this recipe. This is clearly a macaroni cheese recipe, where the pie comes in I didn’t know. 180 more words