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National Grilled Cheese Month

I’m sorry. Is April national GRILLED CHEESE month? Where have I been and how am I just finding out about this? If you can’t tell I LOVE grilled cheese. 240 more words


Reasons why I'm proud to be English. And some scones, what else?

It’s a crying shame that the traditions of St George’s Day aren’t celebrated as much as the likes of Saint Paddy’s, where pubs are adorned with little green flags, flanks of Guinness are being poured and the people are all a jolly, drunkard mess. 1,085 more words


“This is cow’s candy.”

-Sarah, about a piece of cheese

Queso Al Romero - Rosemary cheese

My new favorite cheese! Delicious on crunchy farm style bread and olive oil for dipping, with a big glass of wine:)
I use my cheese cutter from Norway to slice it and wrap it in these great cheese papers which come in an assortment of designs and stickers, so they’re also perfect for gift giving! 51 more words


Australovenator, Etc.

Dear Mum,

Tomorrow is the big day. We pick up our keys early-ish and hopefully the truck with all our stuff turns up at nine o’clock. 319 more words


Tuna and Pasta Cheddar Melt

I think I found the original for this recipe on a site for Campbell’s soup, but I changed its ingredients to add carrots and use this… 233 more words


A Sandwich to Soothe the Savage Lunch

For at least a year now, I have received regular e-mail updates from Canal House Cooks Lunch. They are equal parts inspiring and exasperating. 765 more words