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A Big Night Birthday Feast - Timpano!

A couple years ago, I was looking on YouTube for a specific scene from the Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub 1996 movie Big Night. When I finally did come across it, there was a comment that the scene was basically food porn. 1,271 more words


Sophie Boban-Doering recently opened the first specialty cheese shop (fromagerie to you Francophiles) in San Luis Obispo, Fromagerie Sophie. Her and her husband were inspired to open a cheese shop by a magical holiday trip to Paris and decided that SLO had the appetite for it, and they were right. 519 more words


Day 378, Ingredient No. 130-Monterrey Jack Cheese

Four hours. Four hours of staring at the same pieces of information, doing everything in my ability to cement the facts and information into my knowledge base. 1,279 more words


One cold February night, let’s say in 2013, my roommate and I had some people over to watch the Super Bowl.  Among those attending was a girl I was considering liking who was a vegetarian, so I set myself to the challenge of making all vegetarian foods that didn’t taste gross or sacrifice in flavor. 547 more words


The Best Guacamole

One eventful night in Washington, a friend or three and I decided to go out for some Mexican here. Before we were allowed entry to the restaurant, Secret Service had to pass some metal detectors over us, informing us that there was a “high-profile” guest inside dining.   273 more words


Last month, on the unasked for cheese blog.  I talked about the ups and downs of a little-known, highly-volatile cheese called Halloumi.  Today I conclude with part two of the Halloumi saga, which brings me to a short narrative… and a recipe. 231 more words